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The airport management company has set out to make a quantum improvement to the passenger experience

As Bordeaux Airport welcomes passengers back to its terminals, punctuality and service quality are the airport management company's priorities. At the end of August, Bordeaux was ranked Europe's third most punctual airport in its category, in Airports Council International's Airport Service Quality programme. Since 2021, technical audits, a new organisational structure and substantial investments have borne witness to the airport's new approach to improving the overall passenger experience and service. The Service Quality Improvement Plan will be accompanied by an ambitious Strategic Plan for 2023-2027.


Operating on a human scale makes Bordeaux one of Europe's most punctual airports

According to OAG (Official Aviation Guide) data, Bordeaux Airport is one of the most punctual European regional airports participating in the ASQ programme. OAG, a specialist in air transport data analysis, monitors the punctuality(1) of Europe's main airports on a monthly basis. Bordeaux is ranked third, with an 83.5% punctuality rate at the end of August: one point higher than in 2019.

Since 2021, the airport has been fully committed to the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programme, joining more than 400 international airports that have signed up to this Airports Council International programme, which aims to measure and improve the quality of service provided to passengers, with punctuality being one of the points monitored. As part of this in-depth operational survey, our agents ask some 1,500 passengers to rate the quality of our airport services on an annual basis.


The passenger experience, a central concern

During the past year, a working group focusing on the quality of the passenger experience and service during their journeys has been created and tasked with proposing rapid responses designed to improve the passenger experience while integrating the Strategic Vision for 2023-2027, which is still under consideration.

The airport management company is aware of the shortcomings and has commissioned a complete audit of the sanitary facilities and air conditioning systems in recent months, with a view to launching major upgrades costing an estimated €2 million.

Efforts to improve the passenger experience are reflected in the signage and improvements designed to modernise the airport, including the opening of the international pier in Hall A at the end of 2021. Concrete measures are regularly carried out in order to propose rapid and visible improvements:


  • improved access to electrical outlets on the city side in Hall A by creating and renovating workspaces
  • improved Wi-Fi signal and access in all terminals with the installation of efficient relay terminals
  • the presence of high-profile information agents – our "Airport Angels" - in the halls to inform passengers
  • installation of drinking water fountains
  • redesigned, easier-to-read remote displays
  • installation of new outdoor seating in the forecourt
  • installation of 67 electric recharging terminals in car parks
  • renovation of the P4 Shuttle stop
  • renovation of the taxi zone at the arrivals area, etc.

Collaboration with our commercial partners on an action plan is also underway with a view to offering new brands and a new-concept brasserie on the first floor of Hall A at the airport from 2022 onwards.

"Beyond the operational excellence that we are aiming for, all the airport's employees want to ensure that our customers receive the best possible welcome. From basic and essential matters to innovative projects relating to the airport of tomorrow, we want to make a quantum improvement in quality. And in our context, there's no such thing as a small victory. Each facility or service project demonstrates our teams' commitment to serving our passengers and partners," asserts Simon Dreschel, Chairman of the Board of Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport Management Company (SA ADBM).


A new look greeting passengers upon departure and arrival

Our new look greets passengers as soon as they enter our car parks: number plate reading systems on entry and departure, larger spaces, displays showing free spaces, attractive rates with a week's parking starting at €27.90, (2) and our first electric bus which reduces emissions by 55 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over one year.

In anticipation of the arrival of the tram line in the spring of 2023, routes to the terminals and the forecourt have been completely redesigned, landscaped and planted with greenery.

The aim of this landscaping is to reduce heat islands at the airport, consolidate ecological corridors and promote biodiversity. This major project, requiring an investment of €340,000, is being carried out in several stages until 2023. The aim is to increase reminders of the local landscape and enhance the forecourt area with vegetation as a counterpoint to the mineral elements.

(1)According to the On-Time Performance data given by OAG. A flight is defined as "on time" when it takes off or lands within 15 minutes of its announced take-off or landing time.        

(2) Rate for 5 to 7 days of parking in P4, purchased on bordeaux.aeroport.fr (including booking fees)  

About Bordeaux Airport

At the heart of the organisation of the airport and in close collaboration with all public and private operators, Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport SA oversees the management, maintenance, operation and development of the airport in the framework of a concession by the French Government. In addition, it defines and implements a strategy to promote the airport with and for the region in the light of its economic, social and environmental challenges, as defined since 2020 in its mission statement, which is to provide the best service offering for air transport passengers and to operate the airport in an environmentally, societally and economically responsible manner, in line with the land use planning policy.

*PACTE Law of 22 May 2019 (Action Plan for the Development and Transformation of Businesses)