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Go to Bordeaux for your next holiday!

For a cultural, sporty or culinary experience, discover Bordeaux and its surroundings for an unforgettable holiday 'à la française'.

If this is your first visit, get ready to fall in love with Southwest France and its many facets. 
Artistic, historic and viticultural, Bordeaux charms travellers seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A few hours away from the city, explore a region offering new discoveries and escapes. 
For weekend breaks or longer holidays, travel to Bordeaux and its surroundings by a direct flight. 
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5 great reasons to visit Bordeaux

Miroir d'eau place de la Bourse Bordeaux
Wander around the UNESCO-listed city centre
Contemplate the architectural gems of the old town: the neoclassic Grand-Théâtre, the Grosse Cloche belfry, the medieval Porte Cailhau tower, the gothic Basilica of St. Michael, the 18th-century Palais de la Bourse, featuring a spectacular “water mirror” that was added in 2006, and more.
Explore Bordeaux's vineyards
Meander through the vineyards
Bordeaux and its surroundings are sure to attract wine enthusiasts. Start with a Cité du Vin tour, a unique cultural spot in the heart of Bordeaux where you can learn about the soul of wine. Become intoxicated by the beauty of Bordeaux, explore the wine routes, enjoy a stroll through the vineyards and stop by the wine-cellars and castle for a wine tasting. A visit to the quaint village of Saint-Emilion is a must!
Coastal region
Discover the coastal region!
Just one hour’s drive for a complete change of scenery. Whether you prefer the calmness of Bassin d’Arcachon and its fishing villages or the excitement of the Atlantic and its numerous surf spots, the coastal scenery won't fail to please. Treat yourself to a breath of fresh air!
the Basque country
Arrive at a beautiful, multifaceted region
You will be in awe of the wide range of tourist attractions the Southwest of France has to offer – escapes to prehistoric caves and the medieval castles of Périgord, trips to the untouched greenery in the heart of the Basque country, where you can explore the city of Biarritz, an emblematic surf spot, hikes in the Pyrenees...
indulge in true gourmet offerings
Indulge in true gourmet offerings
A top destination for food lovers, Bordeaux abounds with gourmet restaurants. Don't hesitate to head out of the city and enjoy some lush scenery. A few castles and wine-cellars offer tables overlooking the countryside or vineyards. Discover the flavours of the Bordeaux region.

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Fly to Bordeaux on a direct flight at the best price, with easyJet on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.