eDOG electric scooters arrive at the airport

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Coming or leaving the airport on a 100% electric scooter is now possible with the Bordeaux-based company eDOG.
Scooters électrique e-dog

From February 1st, the Bordeaux start-up eDOG is installing electric scooters in the motorcycle parking lot of Bordeaux Airport. These vehicles are self-service for all passengers and users wishing to move freely and easily.

With the aim of developing the sustainable airport of tomorrow, we are promoting soft mobility on our platform. With this 100% electric service, our future travelers have access to a sustainable, agile and practical transportation for their trips.

Simply download the mobile application and follow the directions to pick up your scooter in the dedicated parking areas. At the airport, vehicles are parked in the motorcycle parking area in front of Concourse A. You can then test the service by paying the rental fee per minute or subscribe to the various packages offered.

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