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2016 Results : Another record year, 5,759,200 passengers and +8.9 % growth rate


2016 was another remarkable year for Bordeaux Airport. Traffic reached nearly 5.8 million passengers. The hub registered growth in traffic of +8.9%, for 469,600 more passengers than in 2015 and a rise of +70% in 7 years - one of the best growth rates for regional French airports. A result which is down to a particularly rich offering in terms of appealing destinations, the majority of which are international. At the height of the summer season, 101 direct flight destinations were on offer. 2016 saw the opening of 15 new regular routes and the arrival of 2 new airlines. The internationalisation of the Bordeaux Airport network of routes continued at a steady rate, representing the main driver of this strong growth with an increase in international traffic of 11.3% (2,745,000 passengers). Besides the development of these direct routes, all the components of international traffic are performing well. Links to intercontinental hubs also contributed notably to this success with 1,720,000 passengers, or 30% of total traffic.