Key figures

We bring you a handful of key figures to demonstrate how Bordeaux Airport is going from strength to strength.

Strong, steady growth

Growth of 9% in 2018 with a total of 8 million passengers, 132 direct routes and 31 airlines across the network: Bordeaux Airport has been steadily expanding since 2009.

Focus on 2018 traffic

Only one year after reaching the symbolic milestone of 6 million passengers, Bordeaux Airport ends 2018 with a new traffic record: 6,780,000 passengers carried, representing a growth of +9.3%.

With more than ½ million additional travellers, this year is once again one of the best ever recorded at the airport. As early as the summer, the number of passengers doubled compared to 2009, which leads us to our ninth year of growth. The airport then nearly reached 7 million passengers and gained nearly 2 points in growth compared to 2017.

Annual traffic 2018

Traffic figures have doubled in 9 years

A doubling of traffic in 10 years
Growth of the destination network
With 38 destinations departing from Bordeaux in 2009, the airport grew its network by +161%, i.e. 99 destinations in 2018.
A doubling of traffic on our lines in 10 years
Network development
The number of direct lines has reached an exceptional growth rate of +238% in just 9 years.
A doubling of traffic in 10 years
The prevalence of international traffic
Traffic development at Bordeaux Airport is strongly oriented towards international destinations, with a growth of +281% since 2009, or 3.8 million passengers in 2018.
A doubling of traffic in 10 years
9.8 million passengers in 2018
After having passed the symbolic milestone of 6 million passengers in 2017, Bordeaux Airport has seen a +104% increase in the number of passengers in 9 years.

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