Setting up your business

Base your business on the grounds of the airport platform.

A strategic location for businesses

Bordeaux Airport is in a strategic location for businesses wanting to set up in the region’s most economically significant area.

Mérignac is a dynamic location, with 7 business parks and plenty of offices, as well as more than 1,300 new businesses in 2017 that have generated 55,000 jobs. We have more than 100 business in the Airport, and 7000 people help to keep them open.

The Airport is near to the city of Bordeaux and accessible via public transport and the local bypass, but it will soon attract even more footfall thanks to a number of major development projects. These will include seven hectares of land dedicated to office and hotel space, as part of our “45th Paralle” operation; a tram and high-performance bus line; and improved traffic flows via the “Technological Boulevard” and other new access routes.

Available spaces

The airport has a diversified and competitive offer to meet the growth needs of existing companies as well as the needs of new companies, with active support for projects:

  • land with runway access (12 hectares), land with high visibility on Roland Garros Avenue (10 hectares), industrial land (20 hectares)
  • 500 m² freight warehouse,
  • offices from 15 m² to 160 m².

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Real Estate and Commercial Manager
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Land Management and Development Officers 
Karine Capy
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Stéphanie Parent
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