Bordeaux welcomes six firms in the Top Ten for worker satisfaction in France

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Bordeaux is one of the most dynamic city in France. The start-up rate has broken records with some 3,000 new firms founded each year.

The employment basin’s economic buoyancy is geared around a wide range of sectors demonstrating entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. This economic vitality, alongside good-quality heritage and living conditions, has attracted some major names in French industry.

Six of the top ten firms in terms of worker satisfaction in France are setting up shop in Bordeaux: Hermès (luxury), Thales  (aerospace and defence),  Safran (aerospace and defence),  Natixis (banking and insurance), Sanofi (pharmaceuticals) and Onepoint (new technology).

These firms are appreciated for the value placed on working conditions, career prospects and life/work balance.

By moving to Nouvelle-Aquitaine, these employees can thus combine well-being at work with the Bordeaux art of living.

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