N°1 French city for creating jobs in the digital sector

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CES New Aquitaine Delegation

40 start-ups from Nouvelle-Aquitaine, one of the largest French delegations, were represented at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show, the world’s leading trade fair for new technologies.

Nearly all application fields were represented: eHealth for patients, the connected home for easier living, digital and human interaction in Industry 4.0, the social and human collaborative model, Man in the city of the future, and education and leisure to enhance learning. These regional businesses wanted to use their presence in America to raise their profile, check out the competition and establish business contacts to expand their international reach.

Bordeaux is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in France, marked by a number of start-ups that exceeds the national average:

  • N°1 French city for creating jobs in the digital sector
  • N°1 French city for the business creation rate (18.7%)
  • 10,000+ new businesses a year (INSEE)
  • +65% increase in the funding raised by start-ups in Bordeaux in a year

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