The world's largest data centre provider arrives in Bordeaux

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The world's largest data centre provider, Equinix, with its 220 centres across the 5 continents, is opening its first data centre in Bordeaux.

Equinix Inc, a global leader in digital infrastructure, has announced its plans to open its first data centre in Bordeaux, France, in Q3 2021. It will be a connectivity hub for Orange's new AMITIÉ submarine cable, which will link France (via Le Porge in Nouvelle Aquitaine) to the United States and the United Kingdom.

"The arrival of this new transatlantic mega-cable near Bordeaux will ultimately enable the region to become a data exchange centre on a global scale and build a strong innovative digital ecosystem to help support its economic development", said Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Director of Services and International Networks at Orange, in a press release.

Strategically located in southwest France near the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux has positioned itself as a new hub on the global connectivity map.
As a pioneer of the smart city concept, Bordeaux is home to a high concentration of start-ups and cutting-edge industries such as the aerospace industry and photonic optics. This strong economic expansion makes the city an ideal location for data centres.

The city is also home to a growing number of international and national corporations. All of these companies need low latency, higher bandwidth and strong connectivity with the leading providers of networks, content and cloud services in order to establish and grow their business.

By providing access to the Equinix platform, the giant data centre will offer this business community the opportunity for highly-connected developments in terms of capabilities and services. This will also help local businesses connect their basic digital infrastructure across the globe.


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