Self-service electric scooters

The Bordeaux-based company eDOG offers self-service electric scooters available at the airport's motorcycle parking lot.


Scooters électrique e-dog

To get to or from the airport on a 100% electric scooter, download the eDOG mobile application and follow the directions to pick up your vehicle in the dedicated areas. At the airport, scooters are parked in the motorcycle parking lot in front of Concourse A.

Several pricing plans are available depending on your use of the scooters.



Want to get to or from the airport quickly and travel light? Discover YEGO's self-service electric scooters.  The scooters are parked in the motorcycle parking lot in front of Hall A. To exit the parking lot, just ring the bell and our staff will open the gate for you. 

The service includes: 2 helmets, insurance and a battery that is always charged enough to make several trips around town. Functions such as route planning, reservation extension or pause during the trip are also available directly via the app.

How to borrow a YEGO electric scooter? Nothing could be easier, we explain it all to you: 

  1. Download the YEGO application (available on iOS and Android)
  2. Create your YEGO account (you need a driver's license)
  3. Start the scooter from the app: your smartphone is the key
  4. Once you have completed your trip, the scooter must be parked in the spaces dedicated to two wheels, in front of the YEGO signs.

You pay for the time of your trip (i.e. 0,29€ per minute) or, you can buy prepaid minutes and pay from 0,19€ per minute!