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I love Bordeaux

Bordeaux "Best in Travel 2017" by Lonely Planet


They used to call her the "Sleeping Beauty", but – though she’s hit the snooze button a few times – Bordeaux is now wide awake and ready for action and has topped a Lonely Planet list off the top ten cities to visit in 2017. With her international airport, the city is connected with Europe and the World!

There are many reasons to visit the gorgeous city of Bordeaux: walks along the winding Garonne river, superbly grand architecture and a decadent gourmet scene where freshly shucked oysters and succulent steaks take centre stage. And finally one particular attraction will always reign supreme: wine. The recently opened Cité du Vin continues the impressive redevelopment of the Garonne riverfront with a state-of-the-art wine-lovers’ experience, and the city’s gastronomic revolution keeps building on its own success.

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