Higher capacity with “Satellite 3”, the new pier for international flights in Hall A

For the comfort of international passengers, airside capacity is being increased with a new addition to the infrastructure : the “Satellite 3".

Chantier 2 / Hall A

In 2023, passengers travelling on international flights via Bordeaux Airport are expected to represent 60% of all travellers. Faced with a three-fold increase in the number of passengers to be checked, due to the tightening of border control requirements over the last few years, the Airport Management Company is investing to increase capacity and improve the airport experience both for travellers and for stopover aircraft ground handling teams. This will involve the creation of a vast boarding pier at the foot of the airport’s iconic control tower, as well as the renovation and reorganisation of a number of existing airside passenger areas, taxiways and runways.

Project 2
Satellite 3 depuis le tarmac
“Satellite 3”, the new international boarding pier in Hall A: a flagship building visible from the main runway and integrated harmoniously into its surroundings ©Dufon architectes associés.
Hall A Satellite 3
Natural lighting and good thermal performance… Below the control tower, the gallery between Hall A and “Satellite 3” is designed to provide good visibility of the runway ©Dufon architectes associés.
Hall A Satellite 3
Ecocertified materials, recycled flooring, wood furniture, rainwater toilets and reduced energy consumption: in addition to providing passenger comfort, the future “Satellite 3” boarding areas meet High Environmental Value standards, as does the entire building ©Dufon architectes associés.
Chantier 2 / Hall A
In the second half of 2019, work will begin to renovate and reclassify the airside zone on which the new international pier is to be built. The reorganised area will accommodate up to five stopover aircraft simultaneously.
Hall A Parafe
Both the arrival and departure areas of Hall A will be equipped with “Parafe” biometric recognition systems which will allow a faster flow of passengers through border control.



|Creation of “Satellite 3”

. 3,500 m² of new constructions, including:

. 2,000 m² for the reception and movement of passengers

. 4 departure lounges for a total of 1,160 m²

. A restaurant area with terraces, a children’s play area and a duty-free area

. High environmental value certification


| Renovation of existing spaces 

. Reorganisation of the security checkpoint area for departures

. 1,300 m² of renovated passenger areas


|Ground handling of stopover aircraft

. 20,000 m² of renovated or reclassified surfaces in the “Alpha” airside zone

. 2 new aircraft parking spaces



€15 million




Project 2