A calm and luxurious island in the Canaries: Fuerteventura.

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5 good reasons to go to Fuerteventura

A flock of traditional villages
A flock of traditional villages
Fuerteventura is scattered with typical Canarian villages. Head to Puerto del Rosario, the capital, Pájara, La Oliva and ithe house of the colonels, and Betancuria. This former capital is worth a visit for its Morro Velosa mirador and archaeology museum. When roaming the coast from one village to another, you can have fun spotting the many lighthouses.
Beaches as far as the eye can see
Beaches as far as the eye can see
With 300 days of sun per year, Fuerteventura is extremely appealing. Namely for those who enjoy relaxing. The island is lined with beautiful golden or black sandy beaches - some are wild and others more busy. Which will catch your eye? Corralejo, Cofete, Esquinzo, Ajuy or Matorral?
A sporty island
A sporty island
Did you know that the world windsurf and kitesurf championship was held in Fuerteventura? On the island’s southern coast, Sotavento beach is perfect for windsports. Boat rides and hiking trails are the best way to explore Fuerteventura.
Venturing into the volcanic landscape
Venturing into the volcanic landscape
Formed by dormant volcanoes, the island boasts extremely dry landscapes. You can enjoy a Jeep or horse-back ride to get closer to the ochre coloured hills. The peninsula of Jandía - a national park - has many wonderful surprises, set between the volcano and amazing beaches. Book your flight and experience a memorable trip through the Canaries’ natural environment.
Enjoy food with lots of personality
Enjoy food with lots of personality
The Canaries are renowned for their tasty gastronomy. Corn, potatoes and vieja (fish) are prepared in different ways. The island’s volcanic lands are ideal for growing fruit such as bananas. The Canaries are also known for their cheeses, especially Fuerteventura, as well as their wines.

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Culture and history

The sacred mountain

The sacred mountain

Tindaya Mountain imposes its silhouette in a semi-desert-like environment. For stunning views, simply follow the path leading to the top of the mountain, rising 400 metres high. There are some strange carvings along the way: podomorfos.These images of feet are said to have been carved centuries ago by the aborigine people, for whom Tindaya was sacred.

From dunes to islands

From dunes to islands

To the North of Fuerteventura emerges a mirage: the Corralejo dunes. Like the Sahara, this natural park encompasses vast stretches of sand, delving deep into turquoise waters. This surprising landscape is home to protected fauna. From the dunes, the island of Lobos reaches out. This quiet piece of paradise is covered with trails and boasts gorgeous beaches.

A cueva in the centre of Fuerteventura

Just 20 minutes away from the Corralejo dunes, the Cueva del Llano is a surprising place to visit. It is not in fact a cave, but rather a volcanic tube measuring several hundred metres. Put your mask on, and follow the guide! A great opportunity to enter the depths of the Earth, as well as discover which animal species populated the island thousands of years ago.


Discovering the majorero

Discovering the majorero

If there is one outing not to be missed when in Fuerteventura, it is that of the cheesemongers. Several types of divine "appellation d'origine controlée' cheeses are produced on the island, one of which is majorero. This goat’s cheese covered in paprika is deemed one of the best in the world. A tour of the island’s cheese shops will show you how it is made, and you can even taste a piece.

The island’s beating heart

The island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, is perfect for a day out. After visiting its town centre and marina, sit down outside at a bar or restaurant. There you can indulge in some delicious typical dishes. Puerto del Rosario is also perfect for travellers who enjoy shopping.


The Canaries’ delight

If you want to taste a speciality of the Canaries, opt for some papas arrugadas. The “wrinkled” or “creased” potatoes are boiled and put under the heat so a slight salty crust can form on the skin. They are coated in mojo verde, a coriander sauce, or mojo rojo, a chilli sauce.

Ropa vieja, the ultimate island dish

Ropa vieja, the ultimate island dish

This generous dish will satisfy all food-lovers: ropa vieja is prepared with pulled beef or poultry. Chickpeas, peppers, garlic and chilli are then added to simmer with the meat. Some Spaniards add chorizo or black sausage. Ropa vieja is most often served with potatoes.

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