Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, will take you on a journey of discovery.

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5 good reasons to go to Tel Aviv

The beaches are calling
The beaches are calling
Tel Aviv is like the Miami of the Mediterranean. The city has 14 km of beaches to rival other Mediterranean destinations. And all those beaches mean there are lots of water sports on offer. Gordon, Banana, Alma, Jerusalem beaches are all idyllic, and there are lots more. There’s a beach to suit everyone.
A never-ending party
A never-ending party
Israelis have a zest for life. In fact, Tel Aviv is famous for its party spirit! If you want to relax over a drink, it’s easy to find a good bar or club here. And there are lots of music festivals and cultural events organised all over the country: the InDNegev Music Festival, Menashe Forest Festival, Midburn Festival and more.
Try Israeli cuisine
Try Israeli cuisine
Israeli food is influenced by many other Mediterranean cuisines making it really tasty. Delicious börek, jachnun, pitta bread with falafel, sabich and shawarma can all be eaten with your hands. Houmous is often served with local dishes. For dessert, there won’t be a crumb left on the plate when you try the knafeh or halva.
Not far from the holy city of Jerusalem
Not far from the holy city of Jerusalem
You can’t visit Israel without seeing Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a fascinating ancient city and a sacred place for Muslims, Christians and Jews. Wander down the cobbled, little streets, see the Wailing Wall, King David’s Tomb, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, Mount of Olives and more.
A gateway to the city of Jesus
A gateway to the city of Jesus
The ancient city of Nazareth takes you back in time as you wander down its little streets lined with traditional houses. You must pop to the souk before you visit the jewel of Nazareth, the Church of the Annunciation. It’s said to be constructed on the site of the Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception.

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Culture and history

The districts of Tel Aviv form a mosaic

The districts of Tel Aviv form a mosaic

Explore the different districts of the city and soak up the atmosphere of Tel Aviv. Head to Jaffa, the oldest part of the city, to see the Clock Tower and St. Peter’s Church. It’s also worth visiting the trendy Neve Tzedek district. And don’t forget to take a walk along Rothschild Boulevard to admire the Bauhaus-style buildings.

Tel Aviv’s fascinating museums

Wandering the city and visiting museums will immerse you in local culture. If you’re interested in the country’s past, you can learn more about Israeli history and archaeology at the Eretz Israel Museum, Palmach Museum and Yitzhak Rabin Centre. Art-lovers should visit the Museum of Art and Holon Design Museum. Both are housed in unusually-shaped buildings.

The Negev desert is spellbinding

The Negev desert is spellbinding

You have to see the Negev desert, it’s one of the world’s natural wonders. On foot, bike, 4x4, on the back of a camel… you can explore this immense landscape any way you like! Go and find the ancient fortress of Masada, Solomon’s Pillars, the Ramon Crater and other incredible sights. You won’t believe your eyes.


The markets will awaken your senses

The markets will awaken your senses

Like all large cities, Tel Aviv has lots of great markets.  Start with the local flea market, then head to Sarona and Carmel markets. They offer a fragrant and colourful window onto local culture and produce.  And they’re the ideal place to find souvenirs or sample local Israeli cuisine.

The atmospheric nightlife of Tel-Aviv

Fun and laughter begins once night has fallen, especially on Thursday evenings. Locals take the city by storm and stay out until dawn. If you’re looking for somewhere lively, head to Rothschild Boulevard and the Old Port. You can enjoy a drink and a bite to eat there before dancing into the early hours!


Falafel, a vegetarian treat

Falafel is a traditional Israeli dish. Little falafel balls are made from crushed chickpeas and spices. Then they’re deep fried. Falafel are often served in a pitta, a type of bread that’s typical to the Middle-East. Houmous, cucumber and tomatoes are added to the pitta to create a heavenly vegetarian sandwich.

Spicy shawarma

Spicy shawarma

Israelis adore filled pitta bread. Shawarma is made using pitta bread, but this time the pitta is filled with meat that’s been marinated in spices and cooked on a rotisserie. And instead of houmous, you add tahini sauce made from ground sesame.

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