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The city of Chopin and Copernicus
The city of Chopin and Copernicus
The city of Chopin and Copernicus celebrates its two bright stars. Head to the Chopin Museum or follow in the composer’s footsteps on an interactive tour of the city. There are free Chopin concerts in Łazienki Park every Sunday from May to September. And Copernicus is honoured at the Science Centre, a fun attraction by the Vistula River.
Visit the quirky museums
Visit the quirky museums
There are number of standard museums in the city, including the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw Rising Museum, Polish Army Museum, Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Fotoplastikon theatre. But some are more unusual… Head to the Neon Museum, the Horror House and Polish Vodka Museum! Don’t miss out on these unique attractions.
Warsaw’s fascinating city centre
Warsaw’s fascinating city centre
What makes Warsaw such a great place to visit? Its atmosphere, definitely, but also the Old Town! The Stare Miasto was destroyed in World War 2, but has now been reconstructed, and most of it is identical to the original. And it’s as charming as it used to be. The city walls, castle, cathedral and market place are all stunning!
The enchanting river Vistula
The enchanting river Vistula
Warsaw has been built around the banks of the river Vistula. Over time, the river banks have been transformed into pretty promenades. Walk along the Vistula, admire the architecture, relax in a bar and enjoy the views or even go canoeing. There’s so much to do. In summer, the Vistula pulls back to unveil a relaxing sandy beach.
Try Polish cuisine
Try Polish cuisine
Polish food doesn’t just boil down to a bowl of borscht, the country’s famous beetroot soup. There’s also zapiekanka, a type of open sandwich, and pierogi, incredible Polish dumplings! For dessert, you have to try the unbelievable sernik (local cheesecake). To drink, try the distinct flavours of Polish beers or local vodka.

To see / do

Culture and history

Warsaw’s royal treasures

Warsaw’s royal treasures

Warsaw is home to a few architectural masterpieces: The Royal Castle and Wilanów Palace. These striking, former royal residences are known for their luxurious Baroque-style décor. Unlike the Castle, Wilanów Palace saw very little damage during the wars. Inside both buildings, you’ll be able to see the royal living quarters, learn more about the history of Warsaw and visit the exhibitions.

A controversial palace

The Palace of Science and Culture was a gift from Stalin and looks very imposing on the urban landscape. After the fall of communism, locals wanted it to be demolished. The palace hosts exhibitions, concerts and many other events. The complex is also home to the fascinating Museum of Technology and Industry. A quick tip: Go up to the 30th floor for an extraordinary view over Warsaw!

The Artistic Łazienki Park

The Artistic Łazienki Park

You can’t visit Warsaw without walking round Łazienki Park. The park is made up of several impressive gardens and two stunning buildings: Łazienki Palace and Ujazdów Castle. Both buildings have been transformed into art centres with rich and diverse collections. After, why not explore the beautiful, English-style Saxon Garden.


Go for a drink in the Pawilony district

Near Branicki Palace, you’ll find a small area of the city tucked away but filled with twenty or so bars. Locals often go there for a drink and sit on the terraces till late at night.  Each bar has its own unique ambience. So, there’ll definitely be one to suit you!

Have a bite to eat in a bar mleczny

Have a bite to eat in a bar mleczny

Abar mleczny, (literally meaning milk bar) is a bit of an institution in Poland. The milk bars flourished in Warsaw during the communist era as workers could eat cheap, simple, dairy-based meals there.  Get a table at one of the last remaining milk bars and have a simple but excellent meal.


Pierogi, Polish dumplings

Pierogi are one of the best dishes in Warsaw, perhaps even in Poland. These little dumplings are are usually stuffed with potato and fromage frais, but can come in lots of different varieties, depending on the creativity of the chef. Some are filled with meat, others with vegetables etc. These little dumplings are delicious. You’ll find them on the menu at most traditional restaurants.

Sernik, a type of cheesecake

Sernik, a type of cheesecake

Sernik has to be one of the tastiest sweet treats in Poland. Sernik is made using twaróg cheese and is very similar to an American cheesecake. Sernik is filling yet refreshing and can have lots of different added extras: raisins, caramelised fruit, chocolate, lemon zest and more.

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