Check-in and boarding

Everything you need to know about checking in and boarding at Bordeaux Airport.

Online check-in

How it works:

  • Log into your airline’s website as soon as check-in opens (this time will vary from airline to airline).
  • Select your seat.
  • Print off your boarding card or download it to your smartphone.
  • On the day of your flight, you can go straight to security screening (so long as you don’t have any luggage to put in the hold)

Even if you check in online, you should still plan to arrive at the airport in good time. 
If you want to put luggage in the hold, go to your airline’s check-in desks before you go through security. 

Top three reasons to check-in online

  • Save time.
  • Skip the queues and go straight to security screening instead!
  • Select your seat.

Attention : Check-in opens and closes at different times depending on the airline.

Checking in at the airport

Checking in at the airport

Your ticket will show when check-in closes for your flight. Make sure you check in on time at your airline’s check-in desk or, for Air France passengers, using the self-service machines – you can do this up to five hours before your flight.

In general, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 to 2½ hours before take-off if you are travelling within France or Europe, or 3 hours if you are going further. If you are going to Canada, you should arrive 4 hours before your flight

Essential travel documents

Bring whatever valid documentation is required by your destination country, such as your ID card, passport, visa or vaccination history, or you will not be allowed to board your flight or cross national borders. If you have any questions, contact your travel agent or airline when you book.

For more details about your destination:

Security at Bordeaux Airport

Safety and security are two separate concerns in airports : Safety management aims to prevent hazards, whereas security measures are put in place to prevent intentional acts of harm. They are implemented by Bordeaux Airport’s management in conjunction with governmental bodies, and they can change in line with French and European regulations.

The Airport’s preventative measures start with the security cameras placed around the terminals, and these are monitored by officers 24 hours a day. In some cases, you might see armed guards patrolling the area to reinforce security at a particular moment in time.

To ensure everyone’s safety

  • Never leave your luggage unattended even for a few moments, or it might be destroyed.
  • Do not agree to look after anyone else’s luggage or package for any reason.
  • Inform airport staff if you find any unattended luggage or packages.

Reminder: Anyone who fails to respect these preventative measures may be considered to have committed an offence by airport and border police.

What happens at security screening?

If you want to get through security screening at Bordeaux Airport as smoothly as possible, it can be a good idea to arrive early.

When you arrive: 

  • Inform security officers if you have any special medical requirements which will impact on how you are inspected.
  • Have your boarding card ready.
  • Place your luggage on the conveyer belt leading to the X-ray machine.

How do you go through the scanners?

When you arrive to the security, take a tray and place the following objects inside:

Go through the scanners
Step 1
Any liquids, aerosols and gels – these must be no heavier than 100 ml and you must put them all in a single transparent bag with a capacity of no more than 1 litre.
Go through the scanners
Step 2
Your keys, mobile phone, wallet, purse and loose change.
Go through the scanners
Step 3
Medication and its accompanying prescription, baby food for consumption on the plane.
Go through the scanners
Step 4
Your jacket or coat and belt
Go through the scanners
Step 5
Get a second tray. Place inside it your shoes (slip-on shoes are available for you to wear) and electronic devices removed from their cases (such as computers, tablets, cameras and camcorders).