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airline traffic development

Bordeaux Airport is looking for the development of following routes and countries:

  • Germany: Cologne, Bremen
  • Austria: Salzbourg
  • Bulgaria: Sofia
  • Cyprius
  • Croatia: Pula, Zadar
  • Spain: Granada, Girona, Vigo, St Jacques de Compostela, Valence, Mahon, La Corun
  • France: Clermont Ferrand, Avignon 
  • Iceland: Reykjavik
  • Italy: Turin, Bari, Catania, Alghero, Verona, Brindisi, Genoa, Ancona
  •  Luxembourg: Luxembourg
  • Morocco: Tangier, Nador, Oujda
  • Baltic States: Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius 
  • Poland: Cracovie
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: East Midlands, Leeds,
    Newcastle , Cardiff, Exeter, Bournemouth, Manchester, Shannon, Galway,
    Waterford, London city, London Heathrow
  • Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
  • Scandinavia: Billund, Bergen, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, Tampere
  • Slovaquia: Bratislava
  • Turkey: Antalya, Bodrum

And Long-haul flights to Pointe-a-Pitre, Reunion Island, Punta Cana, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and South East Asia.

Marketing and other support

- Bordeaux Airport can support airlines companies in their development process of new routes out of Bordeaux.
- Passenger typology and profile will be supplied on request.
- Market information: statistics, market analysis on request, route potentials.
New route marketing support - based on a contractual agreement signed between Airlines and BOD. It includes full communication package, inaugural flight, press conference, press release...



  • Mr Jean-Luc POIROUX +33 (0)556345040
  • Ms Catherine CARAGLIO +33 (0)556345046