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1909: The adventure begins...the first flight takes place in Croix d'Hins, near Beaudésert: Roger Morin flies at a height of up to 10 metres over a 250-metre distance.
: Birth of the airport. The State acquires 45 hectares of land in Mérignac.
: The General Assembly of Chambers of Commerce and Industry requests that "the creation and management of airports should be entrusted to the CCIs concerned".
: Creation of a genuine airport.
: The State hands over management of the airport to Bordeaux CCI for a fifty-year period.
: The airport's commercial activity decreases in favour of military activity.
: L'Aéropostale resumes its flights on Air Bleu. Commercial traffic is booming (25,000 passengers in 1947).
1960s, 70s and 80s
: Major work by the State and the CCI, such as improvements of facilities, air traffic control and landing, etc. The number of passengers is 508,900 in 1970.
: First Bordeaux-Paris service by Air Inter.
1970 - 1975
: The terminal surface area is virtually doubled to 20,000 m2 of floor space. Creation of new boarding lounges.
: Creation of two separate levels in the terminal: Arrivals and Departures.
: Inauguration of the first satellite for domestic flights with two footbridges providing direct access to the aircraft. The facilities can take up to 2 million passengers. Four years later, construction of the second satellite for international flights, with two access bridges.
: Creation of a new terminal: Terminal B, for Paris flights, to cope with the growing number of passengers. It is inaugurated on 17 June 1996.
: Terminal A renovation work, extension of the car parks.
: Commissioning of the new control tower, construction of new boarding zones and a checked luggage screening point.
: ISO 9001 2000 version certification. Start of Terminal A redevelopment work.
: Expansion of the freight zone.
: Opening of Terminal A's new Boarding Hall.
February 2004
: Start of the construction of a new finger.
January 2005
: Inauguration of the new finger for connections between French regions, Northern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.
Spring 2005
: Opening of the new Terminal A. It is inaugurated on 20 October 2005.
20 April 2007
: Creation of Bordeaux Mérignac Airport Société Anonyme, in the framework of the French Law of 20 April 2005 on Airports.
2 May 2007
: The State grants Bordeaux Mérignac Airport SA the operation and management of the airport platform for a thirty-year period.
: Expansion of the car parks, with the creation of the P4 economy parking lot.
: Launch of work to build a third terminal, dedicated to low-cost traffic.
10 June 2010:
Inauguration of billi (Bordeaux illico), low cost terminal starting date on Mai 26th.

2011 : Full refurbishment of the main 05/23 runway, including construction and signage.

2012 : Launch of a carbon audit for the airport. Following on from previous sustainable development charters, it heralded the airport's increased commitment, with the implementation of an environmental management system.

2014 : Launch of work to extend the terminal dedicated to low cost flights, the latter having grown to 40% of the airport's total traffic.

2015 : In early December, a few months after the opening of the new arrival hall in billi terminal, Bordeaux Airport reached the milestone of 5 million passengers in a year.