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Customs formalities at the airport


Depending on your destination make sure you have the documents (ID card, passport, visas, vaccination certificates, etc) you need to be admitted onto the flight and into the country where you are going.

Identification documents required by French nationals
ID CARD - this is valid for travel throughout the EU, and for tourism in some countries, for instance Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Turkey.
PASSPORT - this must be current and is needed for other destinations. Important: some countries demand that your passport should be valid for at least six months following your arrival or departure.
VISA - needed for some countries. You can get information from the Consulate for your destination, from your travel agency, or your airline.

Vaccination certificates
Some destinations require vaccination certificates: you can get information from your travel agent, your airline, the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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