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Customs formalities at the airport


Make sure you complete the necessary declarations: not doing so, or making a false declaration, will involve paying duty and tax, and possibly other penalties. If this happens the Customs will either issue a receipt or other document.

Arrival from a European Union Country

Items for personal use bought in an EU country do not have to be declared and you do not have to pay duty or tax, VAT having been charged in that country. However, there are restrictions on certain products:
TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL are subject to import restrictions in France. Further information is available on the official Customs website, or by phone - +33811 204 444.
FOODSTUFFS: each passenger may bring in up to one kilogramme of animal products, apart from meat and milk, without any special procedures.

Arrival from a country outside the European Union

Duty and tax on tax-free purchases made in a country outside the European Union must be paid on arrival back in the EU. FOODSTUFFS: to avoid risks to health it is forbidden to bring in milk or meat or any product based on them. Visit the Customs official website to find out whether you have to have a veterinary inspection at a border customs post. Each passenger may bring in up to one kilogram of other animal products, in particular fish, without any special procedures.

Residents from outside the European Union visiting France

If you are staying in France for less than six months you can take advantage of exemption from VAT when buying certain categories of goods. Further information is available on the official Customs website, or by phone - +33811 204 444.

Special Cases

MEDICINES for personal use may be brought into France. You must show a prescription for medication for any course of treatment lasting more than three months.
VALUABLES: you must declare the following- money (in cash or in cheques), securities (shares, bonds) or valuables worth up to 10.000 Euros, or the equivalent in currency.
CULTURAL ARTIFACTS must carry a certificate from the Ministry of Culture allowing their transport within the European Union, and an export permit or licence, also from the Ministry of Culture, for their transport to a third country.
FIREARMS: according to their type, the transport of arms and ammunition is subject to agreement prior to their being carried, to an import authorisation, to a transport permit or an export authorisation, from the Customs and the airlines.
COUNTERFEIT GOODS: carrying or being in possession of counterfeit goods is strictly forbidden and may incur large fines or imprisonment.

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