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Customs formalities at the airport


To prevent health risks there are special rules about the transport of live animals. Further information is available on the official Customs website, or by phone - +33811 204 444.

DOMESTIC ANIMALS may be transported on national and international flights at a rate equivalent to that for additional baggage.
- in the hold (which is ventilated, pressurised and heated) if they weigh more than 5kg.
- or in the cabin if they weigh 5kg or less, as long as they are properly contained in their box or cage, including the head. Tell the airline about your animal when you make your reservation and make sure you have a vaccination certificate. You should obtain a special container for transporting the animal in the hold, or in some cases, a carrying bag for the cabin.

GUIDE DOGS: guide dogs, which must be muzzled, travel in the cabin close to their owners without payment.

PROTECTED SPECIES: there are special regulations relating to species of wild animals threatened with extinction and protected by the Washington Convention. Further information is available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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