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Latest news from Bordeaux


> Bordeaux named Best Travel Destination in 2017 by Lonely Planet

法国波尔多被《Lonely Planet》评为2017年最佳旅行城市

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The Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

After winning the “Best Tourist Destination in Europe” in 2015, this time Bordeaux came on top of the “Best destination” list of the world’s most authentic travel guide Lonely Planet.

The competition has been rough, on the list of competitors there were : Cape Town(South Africa), Los Angeles(U.S), Seoul(South Korea), Lisbon(Portugal), Moscow(Russia) etc, which by tradition are the most popular tourist destinations.

This is the very first time when a French city came on top of this ranking. According to Lonely Planet’s board of jury, “There have been a lot of projects going on in Bordeaux in recent years, the reinvention of the historical city center, urbanization of the right river banks… all these have contributed to the charm of this city. The cité du vin has also played an indispensable part.”

The lonely planet travel guide is published every year on October, revealing the trendiest destinations; the list highlights 10 countries, 10 cities and 10 regions, according to the travel experience.

> The cité du vin has received its 130 000th visitor in three months from its opening

开业仅三月 世界独一无二的波尔多红酒博物馆迎来第十三万位游客

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The Cité du vin, Bordeaux

In only three months’ time from its opening, the unique Institute of wine & culture – la cité du vin-  has already welcomed 130 000 visitors! With this extremely good looking number the Bordelaise museum is now enthusiastically aiming at 450 000 visitors per year, soon ranking amongst top-EU must-visit-detour.

Beside its “bizarre” looking architecture (Wine decanter/wine swirl & movement in a glass?...) , the experience that “Cité du vin” provides is also one of a kind. You’d call it an experience rather than a simple “visit”, because in this slightly futuristic ambiance, the exhibition will activate all of your five senses throughout a journey in the heart of wine and wines. Digital screens show the curves and streams that run through the vineyards, audio guide available in many languages lead you in a relaxed way through a series of interactive shows and many activities designed for all kind of public, with last but not least, the can-not-miss wine tasting atelier for adult visitors.

What’s worth noticing is that, the Cité du vin is not only a museum for Bordeaux wine, it is also a stage for wines that come from all around the world:  a balance between local authenticity and worldwide diversity.

The cite du vin has been the long time missing piece in what remains for many the wine tourism puzzle.  It was designed to initiate or complete the wine experience for all. 

The wine tourism has been a strong growing activity in France especially in Bordeaux, in 2010 more than 7.5 million tourists have visited chateaux and vineyards, 33% of them were international visitors.  

> Chinese investor’s appetite for Bordeaux Chateaux continues to grow


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Bordeaux's vineyards & chateaux

This Tuesday(19/10/2016) in Bordeaux, Mr.Zhou Xijan has visited his newly purchased Chateaux Courteillac, along with his key employees and sales agents. Who is he? The Chinese business tycoon Zhou Xijan is the chairman of Daohe Groupe, a Cantonese investment management group that covers a variety of industries: wine, education, fashion, general aviation, business travel service, financial service, commercial real estate etc. The purchase of Chateaux Couteillac is a very first step of his investment plan in Bordeaux region, as he has shown intention to continue purchasing more wine properties in the region as well as introducing wine tourism into his chateaux. In short term, the first step will be to proudly introduce his Courteillac production to Chinese market in mid 2017.

When being asked why choosing this particular property in Bordeaux, Mr.Zhou explained that he was deeply fascinated by the “landscape, the history, the rich culture and the high quality of the wine”, “there are an increasing number of wine enthusiasts in Chine, mostly captivated by the charm of Bordeaux wine. The goal of bringing 100 people with me to Bordeaux is to share my passion for this place and hopefully they would spread the nice words when they’re back to China. ”

Mr.Zhou is not the first Chinese investor who is attracted by Bordeaux and definitely not the last. Earlier this year, the Chinese business giant Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, has bought his second chateaux in Bordeaux; before that the Chinese film star Zhao Wei has acquired Chateaux Monlot at a price of 5 million Euro in 2014. With the market for wine continues to expand, Bordeaux is becoming more attractive than ever for China investors: among more than 7000 chateaux in the region, more than 100 belong to Chinese investors now, forming the second largest foreign owners group. (The largest: Belgian)

Industry observers are expecting strong growth in both number of investment coming from China, as well as in the volume of wine exportation. In 2016 the volume of wine exportation to China increased by +22%, making China the first export destination for Bordeaux vintage.

> Bordeaux vintage conquers the heart of Hong kong

波尔多美酒助阵香港美食节 大受香港市民欢迎

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Victoria Bay, Hongkong

Hongkong is where one of the most sophisticated wine markets in Asia lies. That’s why shortly after the Vinexpo in May, more than 60 Bordeaux wine producers didn’t wait to go back to the pearl of East for the Hongkong Wine and Dine festival.

Surrounded by wine enthusiastic at the Wine and Dine festival, these Bordeaux wine producers proudly introduced a selection of 100 Bordeaux vintage with superior quality and extremely reasonable price, selected especially for the Hongkong wine lovers. For the Bordeaux wine producers, they’re not here for pure business, “We want people to get acquainted with Bordeaux wine, and alter the image of Bordeaux wine being expensive and remote”, the director of CIVB( Christophe Chateau explained to the journalists.

Hongkong has been the landing point for French Wine since early 80s; its strategic geographic location has allowed the Bordeaux wine to enter the Chinese mainland market for the very first time. Today, France still represents 34% in volume and 60% in terms of value of Hongkong’s annual wine importation. Hongkong and Bordeaux is bounded by the wine, this long lasting relationship has made Bordeaux the privileged guest at this festival: the host has set up a pavilion which was called “Bordeaux village” especially for Bordeaux’s specialties.

> Bordeaux: a dream city to live in for Parisian managers

波尔多- 巴黎人眼中的诗意和远方

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The Stone Bridge, Bordeaux

According to a recent survey, 50% of the Parisian are unsatisfied with their life in the Capital and 80% of them intend or wish to leave Paris and settle down in another French city. Bordeaux comes on top of their wish list.

Even those who are relatively well off and considered on top of the social pyramid are getting tired of spending long hours on transportation, paying ridiculously high rents, facing high cost of living, without mentioning increasing pollution and the suffocating feeling of living in a big city which lacks human dimension.

Bordeaux seems to be the perfect option to start one’s new life: An ideal southern geographical location, lovely weather, a slower pace of life along with renewed professional opportunities and of course a vivid cultural and social life which has nothing to envy from major Eu Capitals !! Only 40 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean with miles of preserved beaches it is also at the same time close to ski slopes of the Pyrenees and quite uniquely within close reach of 11 most reputed Unesco world heritage sites. Bordeaux is by tradition a vacation paradise for both French and foreign tourists who are always seduced and astonished by its vibrant atmosphere and elegant city life style.

> Indian government confirmed $8.7 billion order for 36 Dassault Rafale combat jets


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Dassault Rafale combat jet

Dassault aviation, the Bordeaux French aircraft manufacturer has just signed an order with the ministry of defense of India, for 36 Dassault Rafale fighter jets. The deal was closed at a transaction price of $8.7 billion with first deliveries planned for 2019.

This is the largest order that Dassault received, after its $7.5 billion contract signed with Qatar in 2016 for 24 units, which came soon after Egypt took deliveries of an initial 3 Rafales in 2015. Along with the aircraft, the deal also comprises training for pilots, engineers and mechanics. This purchase is considered as a big step forward for economic exchange between India and Bordeaux region, which will pave ways for further cooperation in multiple fields.

Dassault is not the only one cheering about this exciting news:, the radar and systems specialist Thales and the engine builder Safran, also based in Bordeaux, should benefit from this order which highlights the knowhow of our region in this industrial sector. The aeronautical industry in the area employs over 40 000 qualified staff, ranging from aircraft, engine, parts manufacturing and maintenance, to aerospace research and related applications.

> For the 7th consecutive year, in 2016 Bordeaux traffic is keeping its pace forward


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Bordeaux Airport

Summer 2016 summary review:

Bordeaux Airport registered a Record Summer in terms of traffic: 2.3 million passengers travelled over the four summer months, showing an overall growth of +9.2% with a special mention for international traffic: +13.3%. 

Results at the end of September painted a very positive picture in line with our overall 2016 expectations.

  • boosted by the opening of eight new destinations in the spring, International traffic grew to 1.3 million passengers
  • Low-cost traffic contributed to this success, accounting for 50% of summer traffic ;
  • There were also impressive gains for travel within France over these four months, up +4.5% compared to 2015.

Winter programme will show reinforced dynamics with an increase in offer and new destinations

  • three new routes : Fez (Air Arabia), Las Palmas (Volotea) and Fuerteventura (Jetairfly).
  • the continuation through the winter of the until now summer-only routes: Bristol and Berlin for easyJet, Edinburgh for Ryanair and Oran for Air Algérie.

For this last month of the summer season, the performance of Bordeaux Airport also followed this positive trend, with 522,800 passengers in October, an increase of +7% compared to 2015.