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The noise


Noise, is an objective and measurable physical value that is characterized by its frequency, expressed in hertz, its duration and its level in decibels.
Nuisance is difficult to measure and is a feeling of inconvenience that varies from one individual to another, depending on individual factors and context: a noise you choose is less annoying than a noise you are subjected to.
There are various indicators used to measure noise or evaluate noise nuisance.

The spread of noise around the platform
It mainly depends on:
- the aircraft: type of aircraft, engine type, aerodynamics,
- the flight stage: take-off, landing,
- the weather: strength and direction of the wind, temperature, humidity level, atmospheric pressure, cloud ceiling, etc.
- other factors: distance separating the source from the receiving point, etc.


Measuring flight path noise
Since the end of 2003, six stations including five fixed stations have been measuring noise levels around the airport precisely. Combined with weather and air traffic data, these measurements are sent to a central system that makes it possible to view the path of each aircraft within a radius of around 50 kilometres around Bordeaux.
This system makes it possible to answer local residents' questions promptly and reliably, and to identify any lack of compliance with a flight procedure.

Controlling urban development
So as not to expose new populations to nuisances immediately or over time and to preserve aeronautic activity, urban planning rules are enacted and mapped in a Noise Exposure Plan (PEB).

Limiting noise
The combined efforts of all of the airport's partners have been visible for several years through:
- extremely severe limitation of military flights
- adoption of "noise reduction" procedures for each runway on take-off and landing
- limited use of the secondary runway (11/29)
- prohibition of engine tests and use of thrust reversers (except for safety reasons) at night, etc.

And over the past few years through:
- modification of the landing procedure on runway 11
- an operating decree governing the application of "noise reduction" procedures
- modification of take-off procedures on runway 29 and landing procedures on runway 05, etc.


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