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Parks are closed by night; my plane lands at 2 am: how can I reach P4 ?

In case of delays or late arrivals the shuttle scheduled links are adapted.

Your park offer is complex, what park do you advise me ?

You leave for a week end: benefit from our special week end offer available on P2, P1 and P0. You leave for less than 4 days : make a choice between P2 and P0 (see our tariffs). You leave for more than 5 days : use P4.

Where can I find a trolley ?

Around 20 trolley spots between car parks and airport lanes. Trolleys are free. Slip a 1 euro coin into the slot of a trolley to use it, and then retrieve the coin when you return the trolley to one of the especially reserved trolley parks. If you do not have a 1 euro coin, our information desk will give you one free.

Where and how to keep my ticket ?

In 90 % of cases, tickets are illegible only because they were demagnetized by electronic devices. Please make sure you keep your ticket with you far from any electronic source.

If the ticket is unreadable, two options are available: 
- Feel free to contact the car park service via the intercom system
- Or you can go straight to the car park service

Where is the car park service ?

Car park service is located Hall A Arrival level next to exit N° 1.

Are parks guarded and watched ?

Car parks are neither kept o watched. Car parking is under the risks of the owner of the vehicle. Fees only represent the use of parking spaces.

I am a reduced mobility passenger ; what do I have to do ?

You travel with someone : we advise you to be dropped off on departure or arrival lanes where 3 telephones will enable you to ask for assistance.
You travel on your own; precise your arrival by entering in the car park (press the PRM intercom). We shall inform the service to assist you.

Can we book a car park space ?

Booking is indeed opened whichever the park P0, P1, P2, P4. Only PRM spaces are not opened to booking.

How shall I book ?

By connecting me on Bordeaux Airport website, practical airport, easy park.

How long before departure may I book ?

I can book 6 months till 24th till departure planned with my booking.

On arrival, when can I have Access to the park ?

You can reach the park from 1 hour regard to the booking hour.

I have made a booking; what is the use of the code I received ?

The code is necessary to validate entrance ; you have to
a) seize your code on entrance
b) remove your ticket and keep it with you
c) reach the park ; the barrier opens and your booking is then validated.

How to get out of the parking with your ticket ? 

All you have to do is insert your ticket into the output terminal. In case of dysfunction feel free to call the car park service via the intercom terminal. 

What happens if I exceed the duration of my booked car park ?

A 15 € lump sum will be applied on a undividable 24hours edge. So, please make sure while booking that you take into account time you need to fetch your luggage and the shuttle.

In case of overtaking, how do I settle the supplement ?

On exit just insert your ticket and by following if needed your credit card. One paid, the machine will give you an evidence of payment.

My vehicle is oversized (camper, caravan, trailer, bus...), may I book ?

Your vehicle will have to meet our requirements regarding height limitation: P0 1m95, P1 and P2 2m30. P4: no limitation. 
Attention you cannot book for an oversized vehicle.

I do not remember any more on which park I have made my booking

You will just have to use the intercom on entrance. We will guide you.

I entered without having composed my code

You just have to use the intercom on entrance and we will verify your booking for you.

I lost my exit ticket ?

You just have to use the intercom on exit and we will verify your booking for you. In case of exceed in booked parking duration, you will have to pay for any extension.

May I use my booking several times or for a group ?

Not at all ! 1 booking = 1 car = 1 code = 1 entrance = 1 exit.

May I modify my booking ? Which are the cancellation conditions ? 

No modification is allowed after validation and settlement. However, you have a period of 14 calendar days to withdraw from the booking.

For more informations, please consult our general conditions of sale on line on our website.