Internal Regulations - LOUNGE Terminal A

Lounge Area are accessible by passengers prior to boarding in Terminal A, after they have passed through security.

Subscription to the service or entry to the Lounge area implies full acceptance of these regulations. ADBM reserves the right to modify all or part of these regulations at any time.

Article 1: Terms of Access

1.1    The Lounge is open every day from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. including holidays, except in case of force majeure or an event rendering access to the Lounge impossible.

1.2    Lounge access is limited to a maximum of 6 hours in advance of the scheduled flight departure time, and users may not arrive prior to the Lounge opening time or stay after its closing time.

1.3 The Service is offered on the basis of the limited number of places available in the Lounge, and is thus provided to the passenger using the service ("the beneficiary") within the limit of the places available at the time of the beneficiary’s request to subscribe to the Service.

1.4 Access to the Lounge is reserved exclusively for persons of adult age and minors accompanied by an adult. Minors accompanied by an adult may access the Lounge under the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

1.5 All passengers are responsible for ensuring that they arrive at their boarding gates in time. No audio announcements are broadcast in the Lounge.
Beneficiaries must ensure that the destination to which they and any of their guests are travelling makes it possible for them to access the Lounge in Terminal A. Passengers are also responsible for ensuring that they will successfully pass all checks in the restricted security area in due time, and if necessary any security checks they may be required to undergo upon entering the Lounge.

1.6 ADBM reserves the right to remove or deny access to the Lounge to any person whose clothing or behaviour is inappropriate (drunkenness, shouting or unruly children, etc.).

1.7 The following services are available in the Lounge:

  • A catering area,
  • A relaxation area: television corner, individual armchairs, etc.
  • A press area where users may peruse national, international and other daily newspapers.
  • A workspace with free WiFi hotspot access is also available.

Article 2: Terms of payment and pricing conditions

Access to the Lounge shall be paid according to the rates in force at the time the service is provided. The prices for the Service, which may be consulted on the Airport website, are shown in the table below with all taxes included:

"in-terminal" client: €32 
client with online reservation: €30

Entrance to the Lounge is free of charge for children under 2 years of age.

ADBM reserves the right to modify the prices charged for the Service at any time without notice; any such modification will not however apply retroactively to reservations already accepted by ADBM.

  • The Service is payable online by bankcard such as Carte Bleue, VISA or Eurocard/ MASTERCARD upon ordering.

Payment is made via a secure page at
The amount paid corresponds to the purchase of one or more Lounge access passes (up to the limit of the number authorized per day and per transaction), at the rate in effect at the time of the purchase.

The total value of the purchases will be debited once the transaction is finalized, and a searchable and printable invoice will be produced, which may be used as a proof of purchase for access to the Lounge.

If the means of payment is not valid, the bank transaction will be declined and the sale will therefore not be effective; cancellation will thus be automatic.

  • On-site payments may be made by bankcard such as Carte Bleue, VISA or Eurocard/MASTERCARD. An invoice will be provided to the customer upon request.

Article 3: Terms of use

Provided that the user shows a boarding pass exclusively for a flight boarding in Terminal A, access to the Lounge is possible:

- upon presentation of a proof of prior payment
- upon payment of the price at the rate in force
- upon presentation of an associate’s card or a membership card from a programme that has taken a subscription for Terminal A Lounge Services.
- upon presentation of a boarding pass specifying the user’s Frequent Flyer status or membership in one of the abovementioned programmes.
- upon presentation of a Voucher provided by the ground handler representing the company

3.1 The “Lounge” Service is a service marketed online at and is reserved for beneficiaries who either have or create a Personal Account and possess a valid e-mail address.
Access to this Service implies acceptance of the General Terms of Sale, as well as of the General Terms of Use of the Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport website.

Access may also be obtained on site without a reservation by paying an entry fee, subject to available places.

Lastly, access may also be available to the eligible customers of airlines or companies subscribing to this service via a contract entered into with ADBM SA, upon their presentation of the documents specified in the access policies provided by each company.

Any natural person and/or legal entity with legal capacity to contract may subscribe to this service.

Access is name-specific, personal and non-transferable. In case of inspection, all persons must have in their possession a valid official identity document containing a photograph. ADBM reserves the right to refuse access if fraudulent use is suspected.

3.2 In case of any failure to comply with all the rules set forth above, the access pass will be rendered invalid and access to the Lounge will be refused.

Article 4: Beneficiary’s obligations

4.1 The beneficiary’s use of the Service is at his or her own risk and sole responsibility.

4.2 The beneficiary undertakes for him or herself and any persons under their responsibility to comply with all posted safety and hygiene instructions.
Animals are allowed in the Lounge only in their transportation containers.

4.3 Beneficiaries must ensure that they or any persons accompanying them do not disturb the tranquillity of the premises in any way.

4.4 Beneficiaries may not remove any item from the Lounge. All consumption must take place exclusively on site.

4.5 Alcohol consumption is permitted only in moderation and is prohibited to minors.

Article 5: Responsibility

5.1 ADBM declines any responsibility for damage of any kind whatsoever (theft, damage, etc.) that may be caused to the objects, effects or equipment brought by beneficiaries or the persons accompanying them.

The connection or linking of any equipment, particularly electronic, to an electrical or computer network available within the Lounge is the exclusive responsibility of the user of that equipment.

5.2 ADBM may not be held responsible for any non-execution, improper execution, or delay in execution (for reservations or access to the Lounge) that may be caused by the unavailability of the Service, Internet limitations, or the occurrence of a force majeure or other event rendering access to the Lounge impossible. This includes the following: fire, flood, accident, strike.
Likewise, ADBM may not be held responsible for any damage caused by to the beneficiaries, any persons accompanying them, or for the act of any third party not involved in the provision of the services.
No claim or refund will be provided on any grounds cited herein.
5.3 The beneficiary waives all recourse against ADBM and its insurers in the event of the use, fraudulent or otherwise, of his or her Lounge access pass by a third party.

Article 6: Computing and Civil Liberties
Information collected from all persons accessing the Lounge is subject to personal data processing.
In accordance with the provisions of European Regulation no. 2016/679 on the protection of personal data, any person included in the computer files kept by Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport has access, correction, deletion, portability and limitation rights applicable to any information concerning them. Persons wishing to exercise these rights, oppose the processing of their data or withdraw their consent should send an e-mail to the following address:

Complete information relating to the processing of personal data is provided in the SA ADBM confidentiality policy available on the Bordeaux Airport website.

Article 7: Complaints
For any complaint, passengers with access to the Lounge must contact their airline or the holder of the programme/card to which they have subscribed. Passengers without access to the Lounge may contact the Bordeaux Mérignac Airport complaints department.
If no response is received within 60 days, clients may contact the Tourism and Travel ombudsman; the appropriate contact details and consultation procedures are available at the corresponding website: