Opening of the new Drop-off/Pick-up point, closure of the road viaduct

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New Drop-off/Pick-up Point will be in operation as from 20 January, and through to 7 February, the road viaduct to terminals A and B will be closed.


Bordeaux Airport’s new Drop-off/Pick-up Point will be in operation as from 20 January. This will free up the former short-stay car park to form part of the future Tram + Technobus intermodal station. Starting on the same day and through to 7 February, the road viaduct to terminals A and B will be closed to traffic for roadworks. Just one lane will remain open to provide access to the P0 park only.

A Drop-off/Pick-up point to improve traffic flow

With a closer entrance, the new Drop-off/Pick-up Point operating from 20 January boasts capacity for 205 vehicles (80 extra spaces). Still to be used exclusively for quick passenger drop-off and pick-up, this new car park can be used for free for the first five minutes (up to three times a day), and has been designed to improve traffic flow for those arriving at and leaving the terminals. It has been enlarged to feature two entry and exit lanes and the traffic flow diagram also features a third exit lane for two-wheelers. Motorcyclists will also be able to use a new covered park by the end of the month.

Viaduc traffic limited to vehicles accessing the covered P0 car park

The road viaduct alongside the terminals will be closed for roadworks from 20 January to 7 February, with a single lane leading to the P0 covered car park remaining open. The parking area reserved for persons of reduced mobility or with a handicap will be closed and moved definitively to the new Drop-off/Pick-up Point. The traffic lanes on the ground floor will be reserved exclusively for coaches and emergency vehicles, with cars being diverted via the car parks for the duration of the viaduct roadworks from 20 January to 7 February.

REMINDER – The new Drop-off/Pick-up Point and viaduct roadworks are part of the airport modernisation plan, due for completion by 2023. The arrival of tram Line A and a Technobus (on the Le Haillan / Pessac-Bersol route via the Airport) is part of the Bordeaux-Aéroparc Metropolitan Operation and the multimodal mobility and destination optimisation scheme implemented by Bordeaux Metropolitan Council working with neighbouring municipalities and the airport management company. Thus, in addition to the large-scale roadworks to improve terminal traffic flow, this comprehensive accessibility plan also aims to provide renovated parking facilities.