Modifying a car park booking

Should you wish to change your booking, please read the following explanations carefully.

When should you modify a car park booking?

For added flexibility, we now give you the option to adjust your parking booking at Bordeaux Airport. Please note that modifications are only applicable to changes in the dates and times of your car parking, or to the selected parking lot.

Changes in other details do not impact the proper functioning of your booking. There is no need to modify your booking information in the following situations:

  • Vehicle change (car model or number plate): Upon arriving at the car park, the automatic opening system won't work. Just enter your access code, received via email or SMS, to access your booking.
  • Change of phone number: You can utilize the access code sent via email or find it in your personal space, under 'Current bookings'.
  • Changes in your flight: If changes in your flight's destination or airline do not affect your booking schedule, there is no need to modify it. Please keep in mind that there's a 3-hour window for early arrivals and a 3-hour window for departures after the scheduled time.

IMPORTANTAfter making any changes, you will receive an email with your updated booking reference and a new car park access code (also available in your personal space).

General terms and conditions of modification

  • Only a 'Reservation in progress' can be altered: No changes are allowed once the vehicle has entered the car park.  
  • Modifications are only permissible if made at least 12 hours before the scheduled start of your parking period.
  • The adjusted booking price may result in an additional payment if it exceeds the initially paid amount; however, no refund will be issued if the modified price is lower.
  • The originally applied promo code may become invalid for the new booking (due to expiration, non-existence, or incompatibility with the new criteria).
  • Each reservation can only be modified twice.