Bordeaux airport adopts a crisis resilience and recovery plan

Strategy and Governance

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2021-2023 plan: €43 million investment confirmed to reach sustainability and quality of service goals.
Aéroport de Bordeaux

The airport company’s* Supervisory Board has ratified a resilience and recovery plan for 2021-2023. In addition to the management measures required for the operational and financial continuity of Bordeaux airport in the current crisis, it also plans to invest €43 million over the period, targeting three of the priorities in the previous strategic plan: a strong commitment to reach environmental goals, an increase in the quality of service for airline companies and passengers, and greater resources for the airport’s safety and security duties.

In sustainable development, the airport company has just had ISO 14001 certification of its activities confirmed, and the plan includes over €8 million in investments, as well as making provision for European Airport Carbon Accreditation in order to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

*Thierry Couloumiès, Director of Administration, Finance and Human Resources, has been elected acting Chairman as of 14 January 2021, replacing Pascal Personne, who has resigned from the role on medical grounds. He will be joined on the Management Board by Jean-Luc Poiroux (Director of Business Development) and Stéphane Teulé-Gay (Director of Technical Operations).

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