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Due to Coronavirus COVID-19, Bordeaux Airport is starting its continuity plan. Airlines are obliged to modify their flight schedules.

Bordeaux Airport announces, as of March 23th, the switching of all its operations on the Hall A.

We advise passengers to make themselves aware of the restrictions in force in their country of destination, and to also contact their airline before coming to the airport.

Do you need to review your travel plans? Airlines are implementing various measures to make it easier to postpone your trips.

Shuttle and Bus

As of today, the Shuttle 30'Direct between the Saint-Jean train station and Bordeaux Airport is interrupted for an indefinite period of time.
The Liane 1 service, which has been reduced in frequency as of today, will nevertheless continue to operate.

Shops and rental companies

Following the transition to stage 3 announced by the government, all shops and catering outlets are closed for an indefinite period. For car rentals, contact the companies directly to ensure the continuity of their activity. We invite you to make your arrangements before going to the airport.. We invite you to make your arrangements before going into the terminal.

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