New: Tunis and Djerba in direct flight with NouvelAir

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From April 2023, the airline NouvelAir will serve Tunis and Djerba with direct flights from Bordeaux Airport.

From April 2023, NouvelAir, the first private airline in Tunisia, will serve the cities of Tunis and Djerba with direct flights from Bordeaux. Tunisia invites you to dream with its rich cultural offer and its bewitching beaches, perfect for a successful seaside stay. 

Flights Bordeaux / Djerba, every Tuesday: 

  • Departure at 12:25 from Bordeaux, arrival at 13:50 in Djerba
  • Departure at 08:00 from Djerba, arrival at 11:40 in Bordeaux

Flights Bordeaux / Tunis, every Tuesday and Thursday: 

  • Tuesdays: departure at 12:00 from Bordeaux, arrival at 13:05 in Tunis / departure at 08:00 from Tunis, arrival at 11:15 in Bordeaux
  • Fridays: departure at 19:00 from Bordeaux, arrival at 20:05 in Tunis / departure at 15:00 from Tunis, arrival at 18:15 in Bordeaux

Tickets are already on sale on the NouvelAir website

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