More spacious, more convenient, modernised parking facilities

More user-friendly car parks thanks to new services, more spaces, lower energy consumption... The new parking facilites.

Chantier 1 / Parcs autos

Development of the parking facilities and services are part of a broader project to improve access to the airport. To accommodate new public transport links –Tram and Technobus- with a station just outside the airport building, major work is required to clear the necessary space. This also includes environmental measures, with the roll-out of less energy-intensive systems and the installation of photovoltaic panels to power them, as well as facilities and services for electric vehicles.

Project 1
Affichage dynamique des places disponibles
Dynamic display of available spaces out of the 3,000 in car parks P1 and P2. This guidance tool has the dual purpose of improving and reducing traffic flows at the airport.
Cheminements piétons abrités
Covered walkways and fully renovated signage systems will make the P1 and P2 car parks more user-friendly.
Recharge gratuite de véhicules électriques
28 free charging stations reserved for electric vehicles in P1.
Alimentation d'équipements par énergie solaire
Installation of LED lighting and solar-powered equipment: less energy-intensive systems included in the P1 and P2 refurbishment.
Parking P4
More spaces for long-term parking in P4 which continues to benefit from the free shuttle bus service.




 Enhanced level of service

 . 28 free charging stations for electric vehicles

 . Dynamic display of available spaces

 . Automatic barriers at entrances and exits 

 . Covered walkways

 . Outer fencing and security cameras covering the entire parking area



Increased capacity for long-term parking

+900 spaces


|Express CAR PARK

New layout to accommodate the tram line

. Tram route cleared by relocating the car park

. Creation of a double entrance, in advance of the future tram

. Modification of traffic direction

. Capacity increased to 210 spaces


|Rentals CAR PARK

Complete redesign for increased convenience

. Relocation of the rentals car park, in P1

. Renovation of surfaces and rental desks

. 100% of car rental desk activities grouped together in the car park

. Capacity increased to 460 spaces


|Motorbike PARK

New covered parking facility

Reorganisation of motorbike park with addition of shelters


|CAR PARK P7 for staff

Increase in parking capacity for airport ground staff and flight crews

+300 spaces



€15 million




Project 1