Commercial development

Overseeing promotional work designed to increase the flight network and passenger numbers, and setting up businesses, shops and services.

Commercial development

Network development

  • Corporate relations : developing the flight network and increasing air traffic, in coordination with airlines and tourism operators.   
  • Market research : analysing and conducting traffic studies, in terms of potential and current performance and the competitive environment.

Property and shops

  • Property research and management : developing businesses that work alongside the aeronautical sector in the Airport : i.e.: the range of shops and services, property sales and leases, etc... 
  • Lease management : leasing out and managing premises and grounds.
  • Retail promotion : monitoring and optimising brands’ and Airport commercial partners’ performances.

Commercial communications and promotion

  • Communication : setting out, organising and implementing on- and offline communications about the air network and Airport services.
  • Sales : promoting the air network to tourism professionals.


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