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5 good reasons to go to Amsterdam

Romantic canals
Romantic canals
The city is rightly nicknamed the “Venice of the North”. More than a hundred canals intertwine through the Dutch capital! Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, they accompany visitors throughout the city, be it on foot, by bike or by boat. The sunlight dancing over the rooftops offer a magical view of the canals.
Flourishing architecture
Flourishing architecture
Renaissance, Gothic, Amsterdam School and avant-garde. The capital encompasses all kinds of architectural styles. Yet the various monuments form a coherent and carefully thought-out whole. Your plane ticket will lead you to an architectural treasure hunt through the city - interspersed with colourful street signs.
Exceptional artistic heritage
Exceptional artistic heritage
The capital highlights Dutch artists such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The Van Gogh museum is dedicated solely to the painter’s works, life and different artistic periods. The Rembrandt square depicts a rather surprising show of art. A set of sculptures gives a whole other dimension to Rembrandt’s famous painting - The Night Watch.
Colourful districts
Colourful districts
Amsterdam is separated into districts, each with its own atmosphere. Parks and zoos, clubs, bars and museums are scattered around different parts of the city. Make the most of a direct flight from Bordeaux to discover the impressive museum district and Red Light district - the capital’s hot spot.
Cycling along the pathways
Cycling along the pathways
Amsterdam is true paradise for cyclists. Cars are not seen much. Bicycles are undoubtedly the favoured mode of transport for getting around the capital. Huge bicycle racks were set up and there any many rental shops all over the city. Perfect for discovering the various districts at your own pace.

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Culture and history

Rijksmuseum, a monumental museum

Rijksmuseum, a monumental museum

The Rijksmuseum is monumental given its size and location, and boasts an impressive collection of Dutch works. You will be travelling from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Paintings, weapons, crockery and jewellery make up the Netherlands’ priceless historical treasures. Leave yourself half a day to admire as many exhibited pieces as possible.

A poignant testimony

Looking back on the Second World War. Anne Frank and her family - German Jews who had emigrated to Amsterdam - were hiding from the Nazi police. The young girl kept a diary throughout her entire time in hiding, that is now known throughout the world. Anne Frank’s House tells the tale lived by her family, and reveals her former hiding place.

All aboard

All aboard

Out on the Oosterdok, a strange silhouette can be seen afloat - that of NEMO. This boat-shaped museum is dedicated to science. All the visitors will certainly have fun with all the experiments it has to offer. The exhibitions dedicated to exploring the universe’s phenomena - from the infinitely small to the infinitely big. 


Special cafés

Amsterdam is renowned for its traditional “brown cafés”. These lively places owe their name to their brown walls, stained by tobacco. Next to the “brown cafés” you can find the famous coffee shops, known not for their coffee but for the cannabis you can smoke in them.

Floating along the flower market

Floating along the flower market

This is a must-do excursion while in Amsterdam. Set on the Singel canal, the Bloemenmarkt boasts an abundance of flowers. More specifically, it sells bulbs which will grow into beautiful tulips. As well as being a lovely walk, you can bring back some souvenirs of Amsterdam.


Stroopwafels, the Dutch waffles

Stroopwafels, the Dutch waffles

Belgium and the North of France are not the only places renowned for their delicious waffles. Dutch waffles offer stiff competition too! Very similar to the brown sugar waffles made in Lille, stroopwafels and thinner and filled with treacle. They can be enjoyed hot or cold.  

Bitterballen, the perfect snack

Amsterdam does not have any culinary specialities as such. Nonetheless, the Dutch have their own day-to-day traditions. Bitterballen and chips can be found around every corner. Food trucks and vendors sell these breaded meatballs to those wanting a quick bite to eat.

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