From its underground to its highest summits, Berlin is such an exciting place to visit!

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5 good reasons to go to Berlin

Museum Island
Museum Island
There is one place in Berlin where all history and art enthusiasts can dream big, and that is the museum island. Full of surprises, the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site, encompassing the magnificent Pergamon Museum, Altes Museum (Old Museum), Neues Museum (New Museum), Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) and Bode Museum.
A slab of history
A slab of history
One of the city’s main symbols is the East Side Gallery. This section of the Berlin Wall is the last remaining one after it fell in 1989. To see it and take it all in, book a flight to the German capital. Lots of places commemorate the important events of the 20th century. Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust memorial are worth a visit.
Berlin’s horizon
Berlin’s horizon
What do the Reichstag and TV Tower have in common? You can climb to their summits. The German Parliament - known as the Reichstag - is bestowed with a glass dome, making for an impressive view of the capital. For an even more amazing panorama, you can climb up the revolving TV Tower!
Nature in the heart of the city
Nature in the heart of the city
Finding a calm and relaxing haven is easy in Berlin. The European capital is brimming with pleasant parks and gardens. If you need to freshen up, have a dip in Berlin’s small lakes or climb aboard a small rowing boat.
Exploring the underground city
Exploring the underground city
Berlin’s underground is home to little-known refuges used during WWII. When the sirens started wailing, Berlin’s inhabitants would shelter in these underground bunkers. Bedrooms and toilets were built in case the Allies bombarded the city.

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Culture and history

An imposing cathedral

An imposing cathedral

The Berliner Dom is an imposing Lutheran cathedral with a large dome. It was built fairly late (inaugurated in 1905) and is the symbol of an ostentatious monarchy. The cathedral holds a crypt in which the members of the Hohenzollern royal family lie.

A Rococo residence

A Rococo residence

The Charlottenburg Castle was the summer residence for Sophie-Charlotte of Hanover, Queen of Prussia. This ravishing palace with its Rococo style saw all its rooms newly renovated. Walking through the gardens will lead you to a mausoleum, a belvedere and an orangery.

The festive Gendarmenmarkt square

The Gendarmenmarkt is considered to be the prettiest square in Berlin, with its three majestic buildings. The French cathedral, the German cathedral and the Konzerthaus form a magnificent trio. During the summer, the square turns into an open-air concert hall. Make the most of a direct flight from Bordeaux to enjoy a lovely trip.


Party fever in Kreuzberg

Party fever in Kreuzberg

Head to the festive area of Kreuzberg for some night-time fun! It is one of Berlin’s liveliest places, filled with restaurants, bars and concert halls. You can easily spend a whole evening in Kreuzberg. There is even some nice street art to admire.

Traditional food at Zur Haxe

Enjoy a lovely traditional German dinner at Zur Haxe. The typical setting is perfect for digging into the restaurant’s iconic pork knuckle dish. Served with sauerkraut and potatoes, this dish is tender and tasty. The starters and desserts are also delicious and served in a welcoming atmosphere. 


Spicy sausage

The capital boasts a wide array ofimbiss (fast food kiosks). Germans love getting quick bites to eat. The gold medal goes to the currywurst! This sausage is boiled, fried and cut up. It is then covered in ketchup and curry, and served with chips. Give it a try thanks to the direct flight from Bordeaux.

”Ich bin ein Berliner”

”Ich bin ein Berliner”

One of the favourite pastries here in the capital holds the same name as its inhabitants, “berliner”. You have to take a big bite of this delicious doughnut to find out what’s in it. Each bakery has its own recipe - either cream or jam. Its rival, the standard doughnut with a hole in the middle, is also loved by all.

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