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5 good reasons to go to Belfast

A lively Cathedral Quarter
A lively Cathedral Quarter
Discovering Belfast’s culture means spending time in the Cathedral Quarter. Begin your tour with a visit of the Saint-Anne Anglican cathedral, erected in 1899. There is also a wide selection of museums and cultural sites. The area is bursting with various shows, exhibitions, concerts, etc.
Reaching for the sky at Cave Hill
Reaching for the sky at Cave Hill
Belfast’s landscape boasts the tall silhouette of Cave Hill in the background, nicknamed “Napoleon’s nose”. Ideal for lovely walks scattered with grottos and beautiful views, Cave Hill is made even more interesting by the prehistoric McArt’s Fort and Belfast Castle.
Generous and tasty cuisine
Generous and tasty cuisine
Take a direct flight from Bordeaux and discover a city filled with simple pleasures. Irish gastronomy is essentially enjoyed for its high-quality produce. The capital boasts fresh fish, as well as vegetables, meats and cheeses purchased directly from local producers.
Belfast - the place to party
Belfast - the place to party
You will never get bored in Northern Ireland’s capital. Its cultural and festive agenda is brimming with events. Saint Patrick’s Day, the Belfast Music Festival, the Belfast Film Festival, the Belfast City Summer Fest, the Book Festival, the Belfast Festival at Queen’s and many more events will get you in a good mood all year.
Walls that tell tales
Walls that tell tales
Belfast and other Northern Irish towns are special in that their walls are often covered in frescos. Yet what tales do they tell? These paintings bear testimony to the violent riots between Protestants and Catholics. This pictorial war began in 1908 and carried on throughout the 20th century.

To see / do

Culture and history

A castle perched up high

A castle perched up high

Clinging to the side of Cave Hill, Belfast Castle has been carefully renovated. Built in the 19th century, it was one Queen Victoria’s favourites. Its typical Irish style and breathtaking views make it Belfast’s must-see site. Not to be missed under any circumstances, especially as entrance is free.

Titanic, a shipwreck’s tale

Titanic, a shipwreck’s tale

Belfast is where the infamous ship Titanic was built. In commemoration of the 1912 tragedy, The Titanic Experience tells the tale of how the ship was designed, of its journey and its demise. The outside of the majestic building brings together a mixture of the Titanic’s notable features: its hull, the water on which it sailed and the iceberg that caused it to sink. A simply fascinating experience.

Belfast is going green

28 hectares of nature await you at the Botanic Belfast Garden. This huge park encompasses plants from all over the world, with species from all continents being planted here since 1828, and two greenhouses which are home to rare and sometimes surprising plants. The botanical garden is a peaceful place filled with roses and begonias.


Drinks at the Crown Bar

This is a must-do when in Belfast. Even those who don't drink beer will enjoy this pub from another era. The Crown Bar is adorned with splendid woodwork and stained glass windows. Craft beers are served here, as are traditional Irish dishes.

Traditional meal at Holohans Pantry

Traditional meal at Holohans Pantry

The Irish way of life also includes good food, Holohans Pantry won’t contradict you on that point. This Belfast restaurant serves traditional, fresh cuisine: fried calamari and boxty (stuffed potato pancakes) are house specials. This address should be kept preciously along with your plane ticket during your trip to Ireland!


The best fish and chips

The best fish and chips

Fish and chips can of course be eaten all over the United Kingdom. However, Belfast serves the very best ones. That alone deserves booking a flight from Bordeaux. Fresh fish is coated in beer batter or bread crumbs, then fried. It is served with chips. Perfect for a meal on the go.

Irish stew, the perfect local dish

Lamb is a common ingredient in Irish and Belfast cuisine, used in various dishes. Irish stew is a lamb stew with potatoes, a few vegetables and herbs. It is traditionally served with a beer, but some add it directly to the dish.

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