Budapest is a trendy destination, where you can immerse yourself in the charming heart of Hungary!

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5 good reasons to go to Budapest

Two cities in one
Two cities in one
In the 19th century, there were two cities separated by the Danube: Buda and Pest. Though they have now been united, they have each preserved their own specificities. Buda, to the West, is green and brimming with history whereas Pest, to the East, is modern and bohemian. Iconic monuments can be admired on both sides of the river.
Budapest, an open-air museum
Budapest, an open-air museum
Upon discovering the many museums and gargantuan palaces, travellers can do nothing but gasp. The Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and many other styles make for an unrivalled architectural mix. Budapest is both spectacular and rich in art and history museums. Visiting the city is perfectly fascinating!
Partying hard
Partying hard
From January to December, Budapest never rests. The carnival, Saint Stephen’s day, the Art Fair and the International Wine Festival invade the whole city. In August, the world looks upon Budapest and the legendary Sziget Festival. For several days, close to 400 concerts and shows are organised!
Breath of fresh air in the city
Breath of fresh air in the city
Complete change of scenery on Margaret Island! Located on the Danube, it is Budapest’s greenest park, with tendered gardens and play areas. The city park known as (Városliget) makes for a lovely walk in the woods to get to the zoo, Fine Arts museum, Szechényi bath and Vajdahunyad castle.
Awakening your senses with some spicy dishes
Awakening your senses with some spicy dishes
If there is one thing you should remember when eating Hungarian food, it is that paprika is added to practically every meat and fish dish. The traditional goulash stew is the best example of this. Those who enjoy foie gras can delight their taste buds with some libamáj - Hungarian foie gras. Pancakes with various fillings are a must for dessert.

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Culture and history

Castle hill

Though Budavár palace cannot be visited, climbing the hill on which it perches and strolling through the grounds is also worth it: the churches, statues, history museum and national gallery all deserve a visit. For a more surprising tour, head to the castle’s medieval catacombs. They once used to be a prison, with many secrets.

A splendid Parliament

A splendid Parliament

Set along the Danube’s banks, on the Pest side, the Hungarian Parliament is a Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance masterpiece. Guided tours take tourists through the building’s luxurious corridors, right up to the royal jewels. Saint Stephen’s crown - the first King of Hungary - is kept within these walls.

A mosaic castle

A mosaic castle

Budapest is constantly astounding its visitors. The City Park is home to a less-than-ordinary site: Vajdahunyad castle. Cardboard façade or the real deal? This real castle, erected in 1896 for the National Millennium Exhibition, bears testimony to all the different architectural styles present in Hungary. A museum of agriculture was also set up inside.


Relaxing in the baths

Relaxing in the baths

After a long day’s walking, Budapest’s baths will relax your body and mind. There is always a good reason to go, be it with family, friends or colleagues. The Szechényi baths are among the city’s most splendid. Its Baroque buildings are simply magnificent. Other baths are also worth a visit, such as Veli Bej and Gellert.

Kerts, a quirky adventure

Fancy an all-new experience? Then head to the kerts, or “gardens”. These bars and clubs give a second life to abandoned buildings. The result is quite amazing. Their extremely large size makes it possible to fulfil even the craziest dreams. Step into the Szimpla Kert and enter a quirky new world.


Goulash, traditional Hungarian stew

The most renowned dish in Hungary is without a doubt goulash. This spicy stew is enjoyed by all during the winter. What goes in? Beef, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, a few herbs and paprika - the essential touch. Leave to simmer 2 to 3 hours. Chicken goulash can also be found.

Rétes, similar to the strudel

Rétes, similar to the strudel

When in Budapest, it would be an awful shame to miss out on some delicious rétes. This fine-crusted rolled-up cake is quite simply exquisite. Filled with fruit, jam or cream, they can be enjoyed for dessert or as an afternoon treat. Rétes are not always sweet - there are savoury options too. Some food-lovers would buy a plane ticket just to try one!

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