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5 good reasons to go

Helsinki’s islands
Helsinki’s islands
Did you know that the Helsinki archipelago is made up of over 300 islands? They’re quite stunning, and great if you want to go island hopping! Different islands are good for different things. You can go camping on Kuninkaansaari, admire Vartiosaari’s beautiful villas or sunbathe on the beaches of Pihlajasaari.
Escape to Suomenlinna
Escape to Suomenlinna
When you come to Helsinki, you must visit Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Suomenlinna is a lush, green island-fortress. Regular ferries cross over to it from the mainland. The fortress was built in the 18th century and is now open to the public. Take a picnic, go for a walk and explore the island’s military past.
Relax in Helsinki’s famous saunas
Relax in Helsinki’s famous saunas
Saunas are a way of life in Finland. They are the perfect place to go and relax after work. Lots of public and private saunas can be found all over Helsinki. By the sea, you’ll see lots of attractive, modern saunas ideal for testing out the health benefits attributed to the warmth. They're a really great way to unwind.
A Finnish art!
A Finnish art!
Helsinki replaced its old wooden houses with Art Nouveau-style buildings. In the 1900s, Art-Nouveau architecture was popular all over Europe, and especially in Helsinki. In fact, the Finns took the style and made it their own. As you wander through the streets of Helsinki, try and spot some of the city’s unusual designer buildings and boutiques!
Flavours of the North
Flavours of the North
In Finland, both meat and fish dishes are popular. You could try the country’s reindeer stew, fish pâté or beer sausages, for example. And there are some great cakes and desserts too. The cinnamon rolls, berry pie and cheesecake are all excellent!

To see / do

Culture and history

Helsinki’s churches and cathedrals

Helsinki’s churches and cathedrals

Even if you’re not keen on visiting religious buildings, there are a few here that are definitely worth a look. The red-brick Uspenski Cathedral is quite spectacular, while the Lutheran Helsinki Cathedral is more modest in style. Then there’s the quirky Temppeliaukio Church, which has been carved from solid rock, and the intense silence of the highly unusual Kamppi Chapel.

A tour of the museums

Helsinki is packed with fascinating museums. Why not visit a few to learn more about local culture! If you love art and history, then you’re in for a treat! There are so many museums to choose from, including the Finnish Museum of Natural History, the Finnish National Gallery, the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum of Finland and the Design Museum.

The market square

The market square

Kauppatori means “market square” in Finnish. Helsinki’s kauppatori is the beating heart of the capital and plays host to many major events. From the square, watch the boats as they sail out to sea. There are a number of prestigious institutions overlooking the market square (and close by), including the Town Hall and Presidential Palace. The buildings look very sophisticated with their pastel colours and modest style.


Helsinki markets

There are lots of stalls selling local produce in the Kauppatori (market square). But just 20 minutes’ walk away, there’s another market you may prefer. The Hietalahti market is in an old brick building and features stalls offering lots of good-quality organic produce and take-away food. Outside, there’s a really popular flea market that's a hit with the locals.

Explore the fashionable districts

Explore the fashionable districts

As in other capitals, Helsinki has regenerated some of its shabbier, lesser-known, areas.  You should definitely pay a visit to some of these rehabilitated neighbourhoods, such as Punavuori and Kallio. The trendy bars, art galleries and street art have given these areas a new lease of life, making them the most fashionable parts of the city.


Reindeer stew

Poronkäristys is a delicious reindeer stew. It’s not a meat to suit all budgets, but you should give it a try if you can. Reindeer is usually served with mashed potato and cranberry sauce. A lot of traditional restaurants have it on the menu.

Karelian pasties

Karelian pasties

Karjalan piirakka are originally from the Scandinavian region of Karelia and are hugely popular in Helsinki! Karjalan piirakka look a bit like little canoes. They are, in fact, savoury pasties made with rye flour and filled with a rice porridge or vegetable purée.  They're the perfect snack for busy days spend sightseeing in Helsinki!

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