Come and visit the intriguing Baltic city of Riga, a treasure chest of history and culture.

5 good reasons to go to Riga

Come and see exquisite Latvian castles
Come and see exquisite Latvian castles
Once you’ve seen the city, venture into the beautiful, surrounding countryside. Riga is in an ideal location for visiting three other places of interest: Sigulda Castle, Turaida Castle and Rundāle Palace, the Versailles of Latvia. These Latvian architectural masterpieces must be seen to be believed.
A historical  UNESCO city centre
A historical UNESCO city centre
Riga is the jewel in Latvia’s crown. Visitors adore its unusual wood and brick buildings. In the medieval part of the city, visit Riga Dome Cathedral, Saint Paul’s Church (with its amazing view of the city), Riga Castle and the House of the Blackheads. And keep an eye out for Art Nouveau features on many of the city’s buildings.
Riga’s fascinating museums
Riga’s fascinating museums
The capital is full of museums telling the history of Riga and Latvia. The Enthographic Open-air Museum of Latvia, History of Riga and Navigation Museum, Riga Aviation Museum and Museum of the Occupation of Latvia are all fascinating. For art-lovers, there’s the Museum of Foreign Art, Riga Film Museum and Latvian Museum of Photography.
The Latvian countryside is close by
The Latvian countryside is close by
When you go to Riga, take a stroll in the lush, green countryside. Riga is the ideal place to start if you’d like to explore the Latvian countryside. In the forest near Sigulda, why not explore Gutman’s cave. Or watch the Venta Rapid waterfall in Kuldiga. On your way there, stop off at Jurmala to see the pine forests and sandy beach.
Enjoy regional specialities
Enjoy regional specialities
Most Latvian restaurants have herring, salmon, pork and meatballs on the menu. And you must try the local sauerkraut and taste some of the many different kinds of soup. Lots of the local sweet treats are flavoured with honey and spices. And why not try the Latvian beers or Black Balsam, an alcoholic drink made from roots and herbs.

To see / do

Culture and history

The famous House of the Blackheads

The famous House of the Blackheads

The 14th-century House of the Blackheads is in the Old Town. It was built for the Great Guild, a merchants’ association.  A century later, merchants from the Brotherhood of the Blackheads took up residence in the buiding.  The magnificent Renaissance-style, red-brick façade only dates back to 1999 but is identical to the 16th-century façade that was destroyed in World War II.

All eyes on Riga at the museum

Travel back in time at the History of Riga and Navigation Museum. This fascinating museum reveals the Latvian capital’s rich past. The museum traces the lives of Riga’s inhabitants from prehistoric times right up to the modern day, documenting important historical events along the way: naval expeditions, wars, the Soviet occupation and independence.

Rundale, the Latvian Versailles

Rundale, the Latvian Versailles

Rundale Palace is an incredible place, just 80 km south of Riga. The palace was built in a Baroque style and has French gardens, so it may remind you of Louis XIV’s Château de Versailles. This incredible palace was built in the 18th-century and is open to the public. The lavishly decorated rooms have been meticulously restored.


One of the biggest markets in Europe.

One of the biggest markets in Europe.

Riga Central Market is a huge building made up of four Art Deco-style arched pavilions. This covered market has been home to shops, traders and producers since the start of the 20th century. Perfect if you’re looking for a few traditional Latvian treats.

The city centre at night

If you fancy eating some local food, having a drink or partying all night, then head to Vecpilseta. Once night falls, this historic part of the city is really lively. So, if you’re after a fun evening, then it’s not hard to find a place to suit you in Vecpilseta.


Make sure you try the piragi

Make sure you try the piragi

Piragi are little bread rolls filled with bacon and onion. They are usually made using bread dough, but you can also get some made with a more biscuity dough. Most people have the small piragi as a starter; you can have the bigger ones for a main meal with salad or soup.

Auksta zupa, Latvian soup

The Latvians adore all kinds of soup. One of the most popular soups in Latvia is called auksta zupa. It’s made from beetroot, cucumber, onion, dill and then yoghurt or kefir (a drink made from milk). It’s served with potatoes and hard-boiled eggs, making it a pretty colourful meal.

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