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Welcome to Hamburg, a city under regeneration on the banks of the river Elbe!

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5 good reasons to go to Hamburg

See the city’s UNESCO-worthy canals
See the city’s UNESCO-worthy canals
Hamburg is a major international port and links to the North Sea 100 km away via the river Elbe. The city feels like Amsterdam with its innumerable canals which criss-cross the Speicherstadt borough known for its stunning brick warehouses. The area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Drift around the historic port
Drift around the historic port
You can explore Hamburg however you wish: on foot, bike or by boat. After a long stroll by the canals, jump on a ferry to discover the lifeblood of the city: its port. You’ll sail past the historic warehouses, but also float alongside some of the more contemporary buildings and the docks with their huge cranes and containers.
Admire the stunning Elbphilharmonie
Admire the stunning Elbphilharmonie
The design of the Elbphilharmonie mimics the movement of waves so it blends into its port-side setting. The entire complex boasts two concert halls, a hotel and shops. Few constructions in Hamburg survived the Second World War. So, the city became a playing field for architects who created lots of architectural masterpieces.
Hamburg, Germany’s breath of fresh air
Hamburg, Germany’s breath of fresh air
With all its parks and open spaces, Hamburg is the ‘green heart’ of Germany. Why not take a walk around Planten un Blomen! The park is immense and features a colourful rose garden, tropical greenhouses, waterfalls and Japanese garden… It’s also worth taking a trip on the beautiful, inland Alster Lakes.
Explore Hamburg’s beaches
Explore Hamburg’s beaches
When you booked your flight to Hamburg, did you ever imagine you’d be going to the beach? Well, dreams do come true. Less than 10 km from the city centre in Elbstrand, there’s a lovely, sandy beach. You feel as though you’re a thousand miles from Hamburg. And you have that same feeling in other nearby districts that look like adorable seaside villages.

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Visit a city with 100 museums

Visit a city with 100 museums

Hamburg has almost 100 museums. With such a vast range to choose from, it’s hard to work out which ones to visit. The Hamburg Museum, International Maritime Museum and Art Museum are some of the most interesting. The spice museum, Dialogue in the Dark, and Miniature Wonderland will make your stay truly unique.

The stunning city hall

The stunning city hall

You can’t leave Hamburg without seeing this building. The City Hall, or ’rathaus’ has towered over Hamburg since the end of the 19th century. The building was designed in a Renaissance Revival architectural style and boasts around 700 rooms. These days, Senate and Parliamentary sessions are held there. Take a guided tour to see the building in all its splendour.

St. Nicolas’ church spire

St. Nicholas Lutheran church was built in the 12th century but suffered irreparable damage during the Second World War. All that remains is its Gothic impressionist spire which pierces the skies above Hamburg. You can still climb the spire, which offers one of the most beautiful views over the city. You can also get a wonderful view of Hamburg from the iconic St Michael’s church.


A wild evening in St. Pauli

If you fancy a night on the tiles, St. Pauli is the place to go. The area is perfect for party-lovers. Apparently, it’s where sailors come to have fun, and was even a favourite of the Beatles! When it comes to drinking and dancing till the early hours of the morning, St. Pauli is where it’s at.

Eppendorf, at the gates of Hamburg

Eppendorf, at the gates of Hamburg

Why not visit the chic, peaceful district of Eppendorf. You can unwind in its beautiful parks, restaurants and cafés. The delicatessens sell regional produce that makes for great souvenirs. If you like Eppendorf, journey on to Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel, which are closer to the city centre.


Be brave and try the labskaus

Be brave and try the labskaus

This dish will perhaps not win unanimous support amongst visitors but it’s worth trying just the once! Labskaus is a dish made from corned beef, mashed potato and beetroot. It’s served with pickles and pickled rolled herring, and a fried egg is placed on the top of the whole lot.

Rote grütze, a traditional dessert

If you like fruity desserts, you’ll adore rote grütze. Red berries are cooked and reduced down to form a purée which is then spooned into the bottom of a ramekin. The reduction is then covered with vanilla cream or custard. This dessert is a delicious North German speciality.

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