Valletta (Malta)
Valletta (Malta)

Valletta (Malta)

Now boarding for Malta… a lively destination in the Mediterranean!

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5 good reasons to go to Valletta (Malta)

Captivating villages
Captivating villages
Malta is peppered with towns and villages just waiting to be discovered. Valletta, the capital, is full of beautiful landmarks. The Three Cities, Mdina and Marsaxlokk are all exquisite. Take a trip out to discover the delightful, little streets in some of the island’s towns and villages. You can also visit Sweethaven Village, built as the set for the 1980’s Popeye film and now a popular theme park.
Malta and its magical beaches
Malta and its magical beaches
The Maltese archipelago is a dream destination if you’re looking for sunshine all year round. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful, warm weather and sunbathe on the islands’ idyllic beaches. Family beaches and secluded coves are both within easy reach. Or perhaps you’d prefer to do water sports, take out a jet-ski or go diving.
An open-air museum
An open-air museum
Malta is teeming with archaeological and historical places of interest. You can’t leave Malta without visiting some of the island’s prehistoric temples such as Ħagar Qim, Mnajdra and Ggantija, or the underground Ħal Saflieni burial chamber. Take a leap through time into the Roman era with St. Agatha’s and St. Paul’s Catacombs, then move on to the Modern era at Fort Rinella.
Bewitching natural beauty
Bewitching natural beauty
The main island features many natural wonders that must be seen to be believed. The Dingli cliffs and the Blue Grotto are stunning. The two other main islands in the archipelago are called Gozo and Comino. Their beaches and countryside need to be seen up close. Unfortunately, the Azur Window doesn’t exist anymore as it collapsed in 2017.
Tastes of the Mediterranean
Tastes of the Mediterranean
Malta is right in the middle of the Mediterranean and highly influenced by the cuisine of neighbouring countries. Italian and North African flavours are combined to produce exciting new dishes that are tempting to the taste buds. Maltese specialities such as Pastizzi, timpana, Torta Tal Lampuki, local cheese ( ġbejna ), honey rings and dried fruit will take your taste buds on a journey.

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Culture and history

Valetta, the capital of Malta

Valetta, the capital of Malta

Valletta, a historical city in the east of the main island, was founded in the 16th century.  The city centre has been designated a world heritage site and boasts a wealth of architectural wonders. Fort Saint Elmo, the Grandmaster’s Palace and St. John’s Co-Cathedral all bore witness to the Knights of St. John and the different occupants of Malta.

The Three Cities

The Three Cities

On the opposite side of Valletta’s Grand Harbour, you can see The Three Cities: Senglea, Cospicua and Birgu. They’re hard to miss as their city walls rise up across the waters.  Escape into the traditional, little streets filled with beautiful monuments and landmarks. Birgu is the most attractive of the three cities with the famous Inquisitor’s Palace. At the highest points in the city, you can take in the stunning views!

Gozo and Comino

The Maltese Archipelago has two other, less well-known islands: Gozo and Comino. Book your flight to Malta and set out to discover these little, paradise islands. Gozo’s archaeological sites are captivating and Comino will win you over with its stunning beaches and Blue Lagoon. Spend a day discovering little gems all over these two treasure islands.


An evening of fun by the sea

An evening of fun by the sea

Lots of visitors come to Malta for a good night out and to dance until the early hours of the morning… Head to the Paceville district of Valletta. Paceville is a hub of bars and nightclubs that’s perfect for party-goers. But before you party, why not pop for a drink and bite to eat in the coastal districts of Sliema or San Julian’s.

Shows at Manoel Theatre

Valletta’s Manoel Theatre provides good entertainment for locals and visitors alike. This Baroque-style theatre is worth a visit, and not just for its impressive exterior. The interior of the theatre is beautifully decorated in gold leaf. It holds classical music concerts, plays, dance performances and more.


Maltese pies

There’s a lot of seafood in Maltese cuisine. One of the island’s specialities, if not Malta’s signature dish, is Torta Tal Lampuki. Torta Tal Lampuki is a pie filled with sea bream, lampuki, vegetables such as cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach and peas, and herbs and spices. Capers, olives, nuts and even grapes may be added to the dish.

Pastizzi, small, pastry parcels from Malta

Pastizzi, small, pastry parcels from Malta

Pastizziare very popular in Malta. They are triangular, little parcels made from puff pastry. Traditionally, they come filled with ricotta. However, you can also find these crispy little treats with lots of different sweet and savoury fillings. Pastizzi with peas are common, for example.

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