Jet off to Catania, a passionate city with a thousand delights.

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5 good reasons to go to Catania

A rich historical heritage
A rich historical heritage
Get your direct flight from Bordeaux and make the most of your trip to visit Catania’s many marvels. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city boasts a Baroque style, following its reconstruction after one of Etna’s eruptions. Do not miss out on the Elephant Fountain (Catania’s emblem), the Palazzo Biscari, antique remains, etc.
Beach of incredible beauty
Beach of incredible beauty
Golden sandy beaches and rocky inlets make up Sicily’s coastline near Catania. The Mediterranean gently caresses the shores with its turquoise waters. Yet the town is first and foremost renowned for its black beaches - like that of San Giovanni li Cuti. The rocks and volcanic ash make for an unrealistic landscape.
Sicily’s gastronomic delights
Sicily’s gastronomic delights
Not tasting any of Sicily’s culinary specialities would be considered an insult. Indulge in the fish and meat dishes, cheese specialities and dolci that will take you on a whirlwind of flavours. Regional wines such as Marsala are used a lot in cooking.
A sizeable volcano
A sizeable volcano
As the highest volcano in Europe towering at 3,350 m, Mount Etna imposes its silhouette on Catania’s landscape. You can climb to the top, and admire sumptuous panoramic views every step of the way. You should however be cautious, and stay informed of its activity beforehand.
Meeting the composer Bellini
Meeting the composer Bellini
Vincenzo Bellini is a famous 19th-century composer born in Catania. The entire city celebrates its adored prodigy. His childhood home was turned into a museum, there is a Bellini theatre, and his statue and tomb can be visited in the Sant'Agata cathedral.

To see / do

Culture and history

The cathedral, a gem of Baroque art

The cathedral, a gem of Baroque art

Built up again at the end of the 17th century, the Sant'Agata cathedral is adorned with a beautiful Baroque façade made of white marble. Inside it lie the tombs of Bellini and King Frederick III of Sicily. The cathedral uses art to convey Sant'Agata’s martyr - the relics of which are preserved here - as well as Etna’s eruptions.

An old University

An old University

San Benedettini is a  gem. Erected during the 18th century on the ruins of an old monastery, the architectural structure is now home to a University. Come and visit the cloister, library and kitchens, and admire the staircases and Vaccarini room.

An intense programme

In Sicily, there are cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Book your flight and take part in the festivities! The Sant'Agata festival (city’s Patron Saint), the Tango festival, the Jazz festival and many culinary events as well as the sagre are dotted throughout the year.


A trip to the market

A trip to the market

To immerse yourself in the heart of Catania, head to the Pescheria market. Located right next to the cathedral, the stalls sell a variety of regional produce. Fish, vegetables, cheese, pastries, olives and more fill the market with a thousand scents.

Catania’s best pastry shop

When in Catania, you must go to I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza. This pastry and tea shop makes cannoli, lemon and orange tarts, Sicilian tarts, ricotta cakes and all kinds of other treats in which your senses can revel.


Arancini, huge rice balls

Arancini are typical of Sicily. This rice balls are stuffed with meat, vegetables or cheese, then breaded and fried. Shaped like an egg or cone, arancini are very filling and delicious. For a lighter meal, opt for some suppli, which are smaller.

Cannoli, a divine dessert

Cannoli, a divine dessert

The Saint of all Saints! Cannoli are the ultimate dessert in Sicily. This pretty pastry is made of a wine-based biscuit (sometime cocoa) rolled into a tube and filled with ricotta cream, vanilla, chocolate shavings and orange peel. Who can resist indulging in these delicious cannoli?

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