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Autumn / Winter 2017 - 2018


Bordeaux - Bergamo flight with Ryanair every monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday
As of 1st may, 2017

50 km from Milan in Northern Italy, Bergamo is a charming little village that's worth more than just a quick detour.With its Venetian ramparts and great museums full of works by Botticelli and Titian, you can't help but fall for Bergamo. Also known for its cuisine, it has all the ingredients for an Italian paradise.

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Bordeaux - Bucharest flight with Blue Air every wednesday and saturday
As of 3 june, 2017

In the 1930s, Bucharest earned the nickname of “Little Paris”. This
Romanian capital hosts a mix of architecture from the Middle Ages to the communist era. Bucharest, is the most inexpensive capital in Europe, and above all, a Francophile city that is a pleasure to stroll around. 

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Bordeaux - Budapest flight with Wizz every monday and friday
As of 22 september, 2017

As the gateway to Eastern Europe, the Hungarian capital of Budapest is a member of the exclusive group of cities classed as world heritage sites by UNESCO. A cosmopolitan city, "the pearl of the Danube" is also a major economic and financial centre, attracting a multitude of investors. Budapest will never fail to captivate you...

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Bordeaux - Düsseldorf flight with AIRFRANCE every monday, wednesday, friday
From 2 april, 2017 to 28 october, 2017

Düsseldorf is a major German economic and industrial capital, abundant with attractive features. Capital of the North Rhine-Westphalia region and located on the banks of the Rhine at the confluence of the Düssel River which gives the city its name, Düsseldorf is a vibrant and modern cosmopolitan city.

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Bordeaux - Fort-de-France flight with XL AIRWAYS every tuesday and wednesday
From 2 january, 2017 to 28 march, 2017

The beautiful Caribbean island offers stunning landscapes surrounded by beaches where you can truly get away from it all. Dance, sing, and move to the sounds of zouk, explore the depths of the ocean, savour some white rum with notes of honey, or sample the local delicacy known as acras de morue at the charming Fort-de-France market.

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Spring / Summer 2018


Bordeaux - Bastia with easyJet every tuesday and saturday
From the 26th june, 2018 to the 01st september, 2018

Tucked away in the region of Cap Corse in North East Corsica, Bastia or Bastiglia (from the word "bastion") is the island's main port. The city should be savoured slowly, like a glass of Gioelli, the famous regional wine. Listed as one of France's "Towns of Art and History", Bastia is a timeless city and the ideal starting point for exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding area, including Cap Corse, Corte and Calvi.

Destination also served by Hop! and Volotea.

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Bordeaux - Cagliari flight with Volotea every Thursday
From 31st may, 2018 to the 04th of october, 2018

They say that Cagliari is the happiest city in Italy and they can’t be wrong, considering the city has the highest rate of sunshine across the whole Peninsula with over 300 days of sun every year.

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Bordeaux - Calvi with HOP! every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday
From the 21st april,2018 to the 29th september 2018

Capital of the Balagne Region, Calvi will enchant all its visitors. In North-West Corsica, its old citadel offers a great view over the white sandy bay with turquoise waters and pine forest. Calvi is also not far from the beautiful beaches of Ile Rousse and some picturesque villages, nestled into the inland mountains.

Destination also served by Air Corsica.

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Bordeaux - Catania flight with easyJet every Tuesday, thursday and saturday
From 26th april, 2018 to the 27th of october, 2018

Catania and Etna are two sides of the same coin. Sicily’s second-largest city, located on the eastern side of the island, gets all its rich character and vitality from Europe’s biggest active volcano. Destroyed by it many times, Catania owes its UNESCO World Heritage-listed Baroque architecture to the volcano.

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Bordeaux - Faro with easyJet every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday
From the 27th april, 2018

The capital of the Algarve situated in southern Portugal, Faro is a haven of peace and leisure. Despite being severely impacted by an earthquake in 1755, the city has managed to preserve many of its beautiful historical monuments, such as the Roman battlements. Now a major tourist destination, the coastal resort of Faro boasts 7 kilometres of beaches, a large bird reserve, no less than 19 golf courses and gastronomy of renown, rendering it an exclusive tourist destination.

Destination also served by Volotea

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Vols Bordeaux - Funchal with Volotea every thursday
From the 05th april 2018to the 04th of october, 2018

The unique capital of Madeira possesses all the quaint charm of a colonial city. This Portuguese town is an ideal base for discovering the mixture of green and desert landscapes of this captivatingly beautiful volcanic island chain. Come and discover the timeless, unspoilt island of Madeira, a haven of peace.

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Bordeaux - Heraklion with easyJet every wednesday and saturday
From the 27 june, 2018 to the 1st september, 2018

Heraklion, the town of Heracles, condenses 3,000 years of Mediterranean history. The capital of Crete lies on the northern coast of this mythical island and is a dream destination for its crystal waters, constant sunshine, wild coves and fine sandy beaches. Heraklion, blessed by the gods!

Destination also served by Aegean.

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Bordeaux - London with easyJet every monday, wadnesday and friday
From the 25th july, 2018 to 26th october, 2018

Historic London, fashionable London, London the financial centre, swinging London... the capital of the United Kingdom summarizes all the flavours of an island nation which continually surprises. With a huge choice of transport and accommodation, London is an hour and a half from Bordeaux and is an international hub for onward flights to anywhere in the world, as well as offering an infinite variety of pleasures to be enjoyed in the city itself!

Destination also served by British Airways and Ryanair.

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Bordeaux - Luxembourg flight with easyJet every Monday, thursday, friday ans sunday.
From 26th april, 2018 

It may be one of the smallest capital cities in Europe, but it certainly isn’t short on surprises. Known for its financial prosperity, Luxembourg offers visitors an astonishing array of contrasts between old and new, town and country, conservative and liberal.

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Bordeaux - Minorca flight with Volotea every monday, wednesday, thursday
From 30 may, 2018 to the 03rd of october, 2018

Mahon guarantees a sunny and enchanted stay in a preserved natural setting that is the gateway to the island of Minorca, a gem glittering in crystal clear waters, with a vibrant night life and distinctive gastronomy.

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Bordeaux - Oran flight with ASL Airlines every wednesday
From 04th of July, 2018 to the 05th of september, 2018

A former colony of both France and Spain, the city of Oran is the capital of the West and second city of Algeria. With its exceptional harbour and coastline, the city has unique appeal and a captivating atmosphere. Twinned with the city of Bordeaux and home to a wide range of hotel facilities and an international airport, Oran is emerging as a world-class destination.

Destination also served by Air Algérie.

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Bordeaux - Riga flight with AirBaltic every thursday and sunday 
From 3rd June, 2018 to the 25th of october 2018

Riga earned itself a charming nickname in the inter-war period: “the Paris of the North”. This highlights just how Latvia’s capital enchants its visitors with its unique array of architectural styles, from Art Nouveau to buildings which date back to the Middle Ages.

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Bordeaux - Oran flight with ASL Airlines every thursday
From 14th of June, 2018 to the 13th of september, 2018

The city of Strasbourg is a symbol of the European Union, cosmopolitan and bursting with energy. The European capital has always been known as a commercial crossroads but today it is a centre for business and the sciences. Renowned for its cathedral and its medieval quarter, Strasbourg is nowadays the seat of many European institutions and the second biggest conference centre after Paris, as well as being a highly valued tourist destination.

Destination also served by Air France, HOP! and Volotea.

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Tel Aviv

Bordeaux - Tel Aviv flight with easyJet every wedsneday and saturday
From 28th april, 2018

Less than ten miles from the beach and with a thriving cultural scene, welcome to Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps! Listed by National Geographic magazine as one of the world’s top ten beach cities, Israel’s second city is the country’s economic and cultural hub

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Bordeaux - Oran flight with ASL Airlines every monday and friday
From 02nd of July, 2018 to the 14th of september, 2018

One of Provence’s finest cities, set half-way between Marseille and Nice, Toulon is famous for its great bay. The city is not short of attractions: excellent beaches, well-preserved monuments, rich aquatic life... The capital of the Var shines bright in the Mediterranean sun, and provides an ideal gateway to the holiday beaches of Hyères and Saint-Tropez.

Destination also served by Volotea.

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Bordeaux - Warsaw flight with WIZZ every wedsneday and sunday 
From 25 march, 2018 to the 24th of october, 2018

The wonders of Warsaw! The Polish capital was almost entirely destroyed after the Second World War but has truly revealed itself over the years. Benefitting from the renewed dynamism that came with the opening of borders in the 90’s, Poland’s biggest city has become a major economic hub in Eastern Europe.

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