Brussels is a surprising and outgoing city, filled with contrasts.

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5 good reasons to go to Brussels

Art Deco capital
Art Deco capital
Various architectural styles intertwine in Brussels. To the right, a Gothic church. To the left, a Flemish house. Straight ahead, futuristic buildings. This mixture is however quite tasteful. However, Brussels is mostly known for its Art Nouveau buildings. A short visit of the Horta museum will teach you all about this style.
Full-scale comic strips
Full-scale comic strips
Brussels is a capital in more than one way! Belgium is the homeland of many comic book artists: Hergé, Franquin, Dupa and more. A monumental tribute is paid to them along an urban trail. On the way, large frescos of well-known characters adorn building walls, leading up the Comic Strip Centre.
Standard and...more risqué museums
Standard and...more risqué museums
Brussels is home to an intense cultural life: festivals and exhibitions are constantly being organised. To fully immerse yourself in Brussels’ lifestyle, head to the museums. The Royal Fine Arts museum and History museum are among the richest. By making the most of a direct flight from Bordeaux, you could visit the curious Sewer museum, Underwear museum or Erotica museum.
The world’s second greenest city
The world’s second greenest city
Although it has not outranked Washington, Brussels can boast about being one of the top 3 greenest cities in the world. Its myriad of parks and gardens offers a peaceful haven to walkers. The botanical garden, royal park and flower gardens are perfect for a casual stroll.
Enjoy little-known food
Enjoy little-known food
Belgian gastronomy goes far beyond mere mussels and chips, waffles, beer and chocolate. All that is perfectly delicious, but slightly restrictive. A trip to Brussels is an opportunity to taste "paling in 't groen" - freshwater eel in a green herb sauce - and "stoemp", which is meat accompanied with vegetables.

To see / do

Culture and history

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The central square in Brussels - known as the Grand-Place - is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. Its three major monuments - la Maison des Corporations des Brasseurs (the Brewers Corporations house), l'Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall) and la Maison du Roi (King’s house) - have illustrated the city’s richness since the 15th century. Get a glimpse of the Maison du Roi fountain - the Manneken-Pis ("Lil' Piddler") is there! The bronze statue of a little boy urinating is the symbol of Brussels.

Like in a bubble

Like in a bubble

An Art Nouveau building designed by Horta is home to the Belgian Comic Strip Centre. Book your plane ticket and head to this museum now. From the creation of the first comic strip to the most well-known characters, it reveals all the art’s secrets. Tintin and The Smurfs fans will love the two special areas dedicated to these comics.

An atomic attraction

Near the planetarium and Mini-Europe, the Atomium is a surprising structure shaped like an iron crystal. First built for the 1958 World Fair, the site holds permanent exhibitions and fun temporary shows within its spheres. Cherry on the top: a clear view of the capital.


Friendly estaminet cafés

In case of bad weather, estaminet cafés are perfect for settling down in. Half-way between a café and a bar, they serve both drinks and bites to eat. Bonus: there are often board games available to customers. One of the best in Brussels is the Poechenellekelder, bursting with old items.

Relaxing in St. Catherine’s Square

Relaxing in St. Catherine’s Square

Right in the centre of the city is St. Catherine’s Square. This charming square is lined with countless restaurants and bars. As soon as the sun comes out, the terraces fill with people. Sipping a cocktail or eating in front of the church is pleasant at any time of the day.


"Stoemp", a comforting dish

One of Belgium’s traditional dishes is known as "stoemp". It is quite filling and prepared with sausages (or other meats), potatoes and vegetables. Funnily enough, Brussels sprouts are not eaten much in the capital. On the other hand, the famous chicory which is included in the "stoemp" recipe. 

Famous Belgian waffles

Famous Belgian waffles

Fancy a sweet treat? Then head to the waffle shack right away. This traditional speciality is to die for. Soft and warm, they are coated with all kinds of sauces and treats. Do not get them mixed up with Flemish waffles, which are flat and filled with treacle.

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