45th Parallel: construction is progressing at a good rate

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The first iconic features of Bordeaux airport’s future services and business hub are taking form.

Over the past weeks, three construction cranes have been turning in the sky over the 6-hectare site where the 45th Parallel is being built at the entrance to the airport, and where the first structural elements of the future hotel can already be seen. The site will now be progressing rapidly, with the construction of the associated conference centre, the first office building and finally the greened silo car park. This landscaped building complex has been designed with the aim of achieving certification for its high environmental quality by the international BREEAM standard: 

-    Low-carbon structural materials for the office façades (timber frame walls),
-    Private geothermal loop supplying the whole site (2 boreholes, 100 metres deep),
-    Reduction by 68% of CO2 emissions for heating and cooling requirements,
-    Creation of a vast central space with trees and plants over two hectares,
-    No outdoor parking areas, all the car parks are underground or in the silo.

It also includes the creation of an ecological offset zone covering 8 hectares on the airport site in order to preserve and promote the development of protected plant and animal species. 

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