Event: 1st rail welding of the tramway, towards the future "Airport Terminus

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The first of the 743 rail welds for the extension of line A of the tramway to Bordeaux Airport took place today.
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The first of the 743 rail welds that will be carried out as part of the extension of line A of the tramway to the airport, took place today in the presence of the Prefect of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the Mayor of Mérignac, President of Bordeaux Métropole, as well as the vice-presidents in charge of mobility strategies and alternative mobility, public transport and parking.

More than 600 tons of rails should be laid in the next few months on this extension which, over a 4.7 kilometre stretch from the Quatre chemins crossroads in Mérignac, will be accompanied by continuous cycling facilities and the planting of more than 500 trees. 

In its continuity, the forecourt that will welcome the future station, redeveloped by the airport, will also include a tree and plant treatment. 

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