5 good reasons to discover Cyprus this summer

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This summer, fly to Paphos on the island of Cyprus with Ryanair and discover a breathtaking destination.

Good news: from now on, fly to Paphos on the splendid island of Cyprus this summer with Ryanair! The company will offer up to 2 direct flights per week, every Tuesday and Saturday, at less than 3h30 flight time from Bordeaux. Lovers of culture and relaxation will be delighted by this new destination from Bordeaux.

Our 5 good reasons to discover Paphos

Lounging on dreamy beaches

Objective: come back to Bordeaux as tanned as possible! With a climate similar to that of the Turkish coast or North Africa, the island of Cyprus offers an interesting variety of landscapes between paradisiacal beaches, secret coves and green mountain valleys. The island is surrounded by the translucent waters of the Mediterranean Sea in which it is good to cool off.

Discover the most beautiful ancient sites of the Mediterranean

In Paphos, there is more to the program than just lazing around! On the island of Cyprus, the ancient remains are an integral part of the urban décor. You will not know where to turn when you discover the archaeological sites of Paphos classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, its monumental columns and allegorical scenes from Greek mythology.

Taste the Mediterranean flavors

Going to Paphos is to make all your senses travel and it will be difficult for you to resist the culinary specialties! The Cypriot cuisine is a tasty mix of Greek and Turkish influences that will delight your taste buds. On the menu: dishes in sauce, mezze to share, moussaka and desserts based on honey, almonds and citrus fruits of the island.

Declare your love

Did you know that? Aphrodite, goddess of love, was born from the foam of Ouranos on the shores of Cyprus. What could be more beautiful than to declare your love to your other half in such a romantic setting and atmosphere. So what are you waiting for to celebrate your love in Paphos? A predestined destination for honeymooners, isn't it? We say that, we say nothing...

Stroll on the port of Paphos

Opt for a lively evening at the marina and port of Paphos! This part of the city offers a wonderful view of the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. You will also find a lot of restaurants and bars to come and relax in after a busy day of sightseeing (or lounging).

Tempted by another destination?

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