Another 8 destinations for the winter season with Ryanair

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Following the 17 new routes planned for the Summer season, Ryanair is launching 8 new destinations for the Winter season.
Pascal Personne et David O'Brien célébrant le programme hiver 2019 de Ryanair

From left to right: David O'Brien, Chief Commercial Officer of airline company Ryanair, and Pascal Personne, Director of Bordeaux Airport.

This spring, Ryanair is opening a base in Bordeaux with 2 aeroplanes. On top of the 12 existing routes, from April you will be able to travel to: Bari, Cologne, Copenhagen, Kraków, Dublin, Faro, Lamezia, Lisbon, Malaga, Manchester, Marseille, Mykonos, Naples, Nantes, Ouarzazate, Tangier and Treviso.

The low-cost Irish company is not stopping there, it has already announced a third aeroplane in Bordeaux this winter and 8 additional routes: Brest, Budapest, Lille, Nador, Oujda, Palermo, Prague and Strasbourg.

With a total of 37 routes operated by Ryanair in 2019, wait no longer, discover all the destinations covered by the company!

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