The Bordeaux-Helsinki line is launched!

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On May 11, the first takeoff for Helsinki took place from Bordeaux.
Helsinki avec Finnair

It is with the airline Finnair that you can now fly to the 330-island Scandinavian capital.

Going to Helsinki means discovering the Finnish way of life. In this country crossed by the Arctic Circle, the longest day of the year is transformed into an endless day. The summer solstice is celebrated on the feast of Saint John at the end of June. For the occasion, the inhabitants dress in their traditional clothes, organize sports tournaments and set up huge bonfires.

It's the excitement to enjoy the country's generous nature! During a stay in the Finnish capital, don't miss the Nordic bath time and especially the sauna, for a well-deserved relaxing moment after a day full of museum visits, hikes and canoeing.

From May 11 to September 14, 2019, up to two flights per week depending on the dates:

Departure from Bordeaux on Tuesday at 10:50 am - arrival in Helsiniki at 3:20 pm
Departure from Bordeaux on Saturday at 10:20 am - arrival in Helsinki at 2:50 pm

Departure from Helsinki on Tuesday at 7:15 am - arrival in Bordeaux at 9:50 am
Departure from Helsinki on Saturday at 6:40 am - arrival in Bordeaux at 9:15 am.

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