Carbon neutrality and eco-responsibility: rapid progress on the airport’s projects

Sustainable development

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Energy transition, biodiversity, water and on our environmental projects.

The €8 million investment on the environment in the airport’s resilience and recovery plan is enabling numerous projects to move forward. 

Target: carbon neutrality

Système 400Htz

Following the recent award of the Airport Company’s first European Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate, with the support of EASEE, the French Airport Commitment to the Environment and Energy Sobriety programme, the airport is working towards the next accreditations to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.
In the wake of the recent expansion of the ‘400Hertz’ floor power supply for Hall A aircraft, to reduce fossil fuel use, the implementation of energy solutions continues in 2021. In addition to the High Environmental Quality international jetty due to open in the near future, other operations include the roll-out of the energy metering plan in Hall A, 2,000m2 of solar glazing for the impressive Hall B facades, both air-side and land-side, and the installation of solar panel roofs at the entrance to car park PO, following similar installations in car parks P1/P2.

Numerous projects for biodiversity, water and waste

Rucher Aéroport de Bordeaux

The biodiversity of the airport zone is also high on the agenda, with the greening of the forecourt, currently under development, following that of the car parks in 2020. The ‘zero chemical treatments’ requirement for the airport concession will also allow an initial 150,000 bees to thrive, following the installation last May of beehives in a secluded area rich in flora and water resources.
With an initial million litres of water saved in 2019 thanks to the installation of waterless urinals in public toilets, the aim for the coming years is to save 5 million litres annually, via the extension of these facilities, the roll-out of other flow limiting systems and the recovery of rain water or that used for airport fire-fighting exercises, as of 2021.
Lastly, with the upcoming overhaul of waste sorting and collection systems for professionals and the public, the airport is aiming for a 30% increase in recycled matter.

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