Eco-responsibility: a new flight comparator to choose and control your routes

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Bordeaux Airport puts at your service a new eco-flight comparator integrating a CO2 emissions calculator.

As it aims to become carbon neutral before 2030, Bordeaux Airport is putting at your service a new eco-flight comparator that includes a CO2 emissions calculator. In addition to the best fares and journey times, you can now freely choose to play a part in this initiative.

How does it work?

When you search for airline tickets, the new Easyvoyage comparator calculator displays the carbon emissions associated with each of the flights offered to you. They are determined from different criteria such as the distance of the flight, its direct or stopover route, or the size of your seat on board, depending on its category. Depending on the distance of each trip, the calculator uses a C02 emission factor, established according to ADEME(1) and DGAC(2) criteria.

To go further, act with the companies

More than just choosing a flight, you can take action to offset the C02 emissions associated with your trip: the new calculator shows the equivalent in trees to be planted. On their websites, many companies present an offset program to which you can subscribe by choosing to contribute to tree planting.

(1) Agency for the Environment and Energy Management
(2) Directorate General of Civil Aviation

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